Holiday hacks to travel light and save cash by packing fewer items – The Sun

Holiday hacks to travel light and save cash by packing fewer items – The Sun

IF you are planning a trip and have loads of things to pack, it might be time for a rethink.
I’ve spent years narrowing down what I take in my suitcase, and I now save dosh on unnecessary travel accessories.
9 Here are our top holiday hacks to help you travel light and save moneyCredit: Getty – Contributor
Here are a few hacks to help you do the same — and you can also say goodbye to lugging a heavy bag around…
SMALL FORTUNE: Miniatures are expensive — Charles Worthington’s 75ml shampoo costs £2.49 at Boots. Instead, pour toiletries in your bathroom into travel bottles.
Primark sells five different-sized containers, plus a funnel, for £1.
SAVE: £2.29 per bottle
HOLD THE PHONE: Portable chargers are a bulky addition to hand luggage and cost up to £40 at John Lewis. Instead, I save battery life by putting your phone on flight mode.
I also always keep my charger in my handbag as some coffee shops have USB points. Hiring a car? There may be one in there. If you really need a charger, B&M is selling a Goodmans powerbank for £3.99.
SAVE: £40 on a charger
SPEC-TACULAR: If you wear glasses, you may be tempted to invest in a pair of prescription sunnies. Unfortunately, these tend to cost a minimum of £60.
Amazon is selling over-glasses from £8.97 – sunglasses that fit over your normal specs.
Vision Direct gives you ten per cent off your first order.
SAVE: Around £51 on sunglasses
ADAPT TO THIS: Usually pack two or three adaptors? You only need one.
Take an extension cable – Wilko’s £3.50 four-plug option is the cheapest I’ve found – and plug all your electricals in at the same time.
With adaptors costing around £3 each, you’ll be saving plenty of pounds.
SAVE: £8.50 on adaptors
GOOD BOOKS: Travel guides are heavy things to carry around, so I download a couple of handy apps before I leave.
Travel Phrasebook is great for helping out with the lingo, while Lonely Planet’s app will give you all the info you need on your destination.
SAVE: Around £13.99 on a guide
Deal of the day
9 Shloer Spritzed is on offer for £1.50 a bottle at Asda
ENJOY a guilt-free tipple with Shloer Spritzed, currently on offer for £1.50 a bottle at Asda, usually £2.50.
SAVE: £1
Top swap
9 A blue tie from M&S would set you back £15
9 Get this New Look version instead for £5.99
HERE’S a price you had better knot ignore if you want to look smart for work. A blue tie at New Look is £5.99 – a snip compared to Marks & Spencer’s which is £15.
SAVE: £9.01
Reader’s saving tip
JANET ROGERS, from Hornchurch, Essex, says: “Don’t throw away laddered tights but wash, dry and cut into small strips. They can then be used to as cheap stuffing for home-made toys, cushions and other craft projects.”

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Cheap treat
9 A box of Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Chocolates is now £2.50 at Tesco
ELIZABETH Shaw Mint Crisp Boxed Chocolates make the perfect post-dinner treat — and they’re just £2.50 at Tesco, down from £3.50.
SAVE: £1
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Shop & save
9 These Petit Filous Frubes packs are now half price at Morrisons
GRAB a pack of nine Petit Filous Frubes for just £1 at Morrisons, down from £2.
SAVE: £1
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