Hipster wannabe who threw milkshake achieved nothing but to recruit more voters for Nigel Farage

Hipster wannabe who threw milkshake achieved nothing but to recruit more voters for Nigel Farage

WE couldn’t have scripted a more perfect encapsulation of the entitled Remoaners’ new assault on democracy.
A virtue-signalling Corbynite hipster wannabe who brews craft beer and fashionably hates Tories hurls a £5.25 salted caramel milkshake at Nigel Farage.
Reuters Farage had been campaigning in Newcastle when the attack unfolded
Reuters Security restrained the attacker after the incident
It’s not quite Bob Geldof making V-signs at Brexit-backing fishermen from a Thames gin palace, but it’s close.
It is another demonstration of sneering contempt towards 17.4million mainly working-class Leave voters and the one man sticking up for them.
It has achieved nothing but to recruit thousands more to Farage’s cause.
Milkshake-chucking morons are one thing. More sinister is the orchestrated, desperate plot by politicians including Gordon Brown to discredit the Brexit Party as it roars ahead in the polls.
It’s no surprise that Farage has paying members flooding in.
Britain voted for Brexit… MPs refuse to implement it.
The pearl-clutching over his donations is the height of hypocrisy from Labour, a party funded by union puppetmasters and up to its neck in a “cash for honours” scandal when Brown was Chancellor.
It is also a transparent ruse. An attempt to undermine Farage’s inevitable victory on Thursday by whining: “It’s not fair — he cheated.” Yes, that same toddler tantrum again.
Facebook / Paul Crowther Paul Crowther wrote on Facebook and Twitter about throwing a milkshake at Nigel Farage
Twitter He wrote on Twitter about the milkshake incident
Reuters Nigel Farage was covered in milkshake after the attack
Remainiac Michael Heseltine, meanwhile, insists only “extremists” want a meaningful Brexit. Cobblers. Extremists refuse to honour democratic mandates. Extremists hope to silence opponents by thuggery and smear.
Brexit, even with No Deal, is popular. So is a party unequivocally behind it.
It’s not trickery. Just a reality which Remainers refuse to grasp.
EPA Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison WINS election in shock victory over left-wing leader
THERE’S a valuable lesson for Tories in the shock defeat of the Left in Australia.
The Labor Party were certain of a big election win. Polls said so. More importantly to the Left, so did Twitter.
The world over they make the same mistake, confusing social media’s left-wing echo chamber for the national conversation.
Most people aren’t spouting politics online. And, guess what? In Australia ordinary voters prefer low taxes, sensible economics and job creation over high taxes and climate change lectures.
It shows that if you champion tax cuts and a smaller state, and refuse to buckle to the Left’s self-serving chorus of despair, you can beat them.
What a pity our Government has spent two dismal years not knowing whether to fight Jeremy Corbyn or agree with him.
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They may be baseless. Maybe not.
But who aside from Theresa May trusts them to build our 5G network?
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