High street food chains blasted for ‘ripping off’ eco-friendly customers

High street food chains blasted for 'ripping off' eco-friendly customers

FOOD and drink chains are charging up to £15 for reusable cups, a Sun on Sunday investigation found.
Some were yesterday accused of “ripping off” environmentally friendly customers.
Caffe Nero’s reusable cup will set you back £11
Healthy eating outlet Leon charges £15 for a glass mug with a plastic lid. Caffe Nero’s option costs £11. While Pret A Manger offers an eco-cup set for £10.
But you can get a reusable cup for £1 at Starbucks and £2.40 at Greggs.
Marc Gander, of Consumer Action Group, said: “Why would someone spend £10 or £15? It’s a huge rip-off.”
Greenpeace UK’s senior plastic campaigner Louise Edge said: “If coffee shops and restaurants are serious about doing their bit for the environment, they should make reusable cups an affordable choice.”
The eco-friendly cup sold in Leon costs a whopping £15
. Starbucks’ reusable cup is the cheapest at just £1
. For £2.40, Greggs also sell an affordable version of the reusable cup
Pret A Manger’s beaker sells for the higher price of £10
Chains defended the high prices by arguing that they give drinks discounts to reusable cup users.
A spokesman for Leon said its £15 cup was dishwasher friendly. He added: “We did not want to launch a lower-quality product that would wear or warp over time.”
Caffe Nero said it offered double reward stamps every time a customer used a reusable cup. Pret declined to comment.
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In the UK 2.5billion disposable coffee cups are used every year.
But 99.75 per cent of them cannot be recycled due to the mixture of paper and their plastic inner lining.
The supermarket products that CAN’T be recycled as new plastic-free trust mark is launched in shops


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