Hero cat saves kitten’s life by donating blood

Hero cat saves kitten's life by donating blood

This cute little ginger kitten was close to death after being found in squalid conditions.
The five-week-old cat was anaemic, weak and fighting for his life when RSPCA officers discovered him at a property in Milton Keynes.
The kitten was rushed to a veterinary clinic, where vets quickly realised he needed an emergency blood transfusion to save its life.

Brian junior was not doing that well (Picture: INS)

Brian senrior watches over Brian Junior (Picture: INS)RSPCA officer Sue Taft volunteered her own cat Brian to be the donor.
Ms Taft said: “This poor kitten was signed over after he was found collapsed and nearly dead.
‘He was absolutely covered in fleas and severely anaemic so the vets decided his only hope was a blood transfusion so I took my own cat Brian down to help out.
‘As soon as the blood went in, the little kitten started to pick up and after a few days he was happy and eating again like kittens do.’
They named the kitten Brian Junior in honour of the cat who saved his life.
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The kitten was very sick (Picture: INS)

Brian junior has now recoevered (Picture: INS)Ms Taft’s Brian Senior, four, was an RSPCA rescue cat himself and came into the charity’s care with a badly mangled leg which needed amputating before he was adopted.
It’s not the first time Brian Senior has donated blood.
He has also helped several other cats that have needed a transfusion.
What a hero.
Brian Junior is currently in foster care as he waits to be adopted.


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