Heinz shrinks Salad Cream bottles by 9%

Heinz shrinks Salad Cream bottles by 9%

BOTTLES of Heinz Salad Cream have shrunk by 9 per cent – and they’re now MORE expensive.
Last summer, the food manufactuer announced plans to rename its famous sauce Sandwich Cream after more than 103 years.
Bottles of Salad Cream have dropped in size – but the price has also gone up by 50p
But at the same time bottles of the condiment were reduced from 655g to 605g – and the price has gone up by 50p to £2.50.
Heinz claimed at the time that only 14 per cent of shoppers use salad cream on salads in June last year but just three months later they backtracked on plans to change its name.
Sales of the sauce dipped by 5.4 per cent to £28.4million in 2007.
In 1999, it was revealed that Heinz were about to ditch the brand but once the leak was published it led to a major protest by shoppers and it saved the brand.
The publicity helped sales and Heinz took advantage by relaunching salad cream in new-look packs and putting the price up.
Between 2015 and 2017 more than 206 products shrunk but remained the same price – known as “shrinkflation” – according to the Office for National Statistics.
These products include much loved sweets such as M&Ms, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Toblerone and Malteasers.
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For example, boxes of Kellogs Corn Flakes have dropped by 70g but still cost £2.69.
A spokesperson from Heinz told The Sun: “Until last year when this bottle size was introduced we had made no changes to our Recommended Retail Prices on Heinz Salad Cream during the previous five years.
“In today’s challenging economic environment, with commodity costs rising, many consumers are working within tight budgets.
“We always look at how we can provide value through price, size and pack benefits so they can enjoy the products they love at a price point that works within their budgets.
“Of course we do not control in-store prices, which are set independently by retailers, and also subject to each retailer’s own promotional strategies and phasing year on year.”

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