Hear the British birdsongs that ‘could soon be lost forever’ as RSPB warns 1 in 5 avians have vanished from UK skies

Hear the British birdsongs that 'could soon be lost forever' as RSPB warns 1 in 5 avians have vanished from UK skies

MORE than 40million birds have vanished from the UK’s skies in just 50 years.
To raise awareness of this shocking loss, the RSPB has released a single that consists purely of the birdsongs that could be lost from the UK forever if action isn’t taken to save the birds.
Robins sing on the single
The song is called ‘Let Nature Sing’ and it features sounds from many of the threatened and endangered species like the great spotted woodpecker and the robin.
New research has found that 82% of people think birdsong makes them feel more positive but only 15% of people said they know that nature in the UK is in crisis.
The RSPB thinks that people are dangerously unaware of the animal epidemic and hopes that the new track will stop the British public from ‘sleepwalking into a natural tragedy’.
It has been estimated that there are around 166million nesting birds in the UK right now, which is significantly less than the 210 million birds that lived here in 1966.
The blackbird is just one of the beloved bird species that is under threat
The single was released today
This means that we’ve lost one in five of UK birds over the past half a century.
There are a number of reasons why the bird population in the UK could be declining including loss of habitat, climate change, pollution and intensive farming methods meaning birds have less to eat.
The research also found that 84% of the people surveyed think the government should be doing more to save the country’s nature.
RSPB The RSPB has released lots of different album covers for the single based on the work of famous musicians like David Bowie
Martin Harper, the RSPB’s director of conservation said: “The signs are all around us that something is not right, that nature is falling silent and you only need to stop and listen to find the beautiful bird song that should be the background music to our life is absent. But no one is talking about the crisis facing wildlife and nature in the UK.
“We all need to start talking about this, and the Let Nature Sing track is a good starting point as it perfectly highlights the music we risk losing.”
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