Hay fever will blight 30 million Brits by 2030 as pollen count set to surge

Hay fever will blight 30 million Brits by 2030 as pollen count set to surge

HALF of all Brits will have hay fever by 2030 as global warming sends the pollen count soaring, it is claimed.
Around 30 million Britons will show symptoms as experts warn of “an allergy explosion”.
Alamy Nearly half of all Brits will suffer hay fever by 2030, it is claimed
Alamy Global warming will send pollen counts soaring and hit 30 million Brits
The percentage of adult hay fever sufferers in the UK has rocketed from 10 per cent in the 1970s to 30 per cent, The Mirror reports.
Some 40 per cent of children now have hay fever, with the UK in the top three countries with the highest number of hay fever sufferers.
A study in health journal Lancet Planetary Health warns rising temperatures will send pollen counts surging even higher.
US scientist Lewis Ziska and boffins from 15 other countries examined airborne pollen data from 17 sites across the globe over 26 years.
Their report found “long-term data indicate significant increases in both pollen loads and pollen season duration over time”.
Max Wiseberg, an airborne allergens expert and creator of HayMax allergen barrier balms, said: “The study shows something we have already noticed – we are having longer pollen seasons and they are more intense.
“Although this is bad news for people with hay fever , the good news is that we have ways to deal with it.
“Antihistamine tablets can relieve most symptoms but are less effective for nasal congestion.
“Steroid nasal sprays can help and work best for symptoms including itching, sneezing, watering and “congestion.”
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In March, experts told allergy-hit Brits that sex could stop hay fever.
Symptoms of congestion ease after intercourse, according to research carried out at the Tabriz Medical University in Iran.
Bonking cleared blood vessels in nasal passages to constrict helping to clear blocked noses and dry up runny eyes.
Alamy A study in health journal Lancet Planetary Health found there would be “significant increases” in the pollen count and length of the pollen season

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