Grim video shows world’s ‘largest’ chunk of ear wax measuring 2.5cm being pulled from patient – The Sun

Grim video shows world’s ‘largest’ chunk of ear wax measuring 2.5cm being pulled from patient – The Sun

THIS grim video shows the stomach-churning moment a patient has a huge chunk of ear wax pulled from his ear.
The man was left shocked when he saw the 2.5cm-long chunk on a piece of tissue after the procedure in Leicestershire.
4 This is the 2.5cm chunk of ear wax which was removed from a man’s ear in Leicestershire
The consultant audiologist who removed it claims it could be the world’s “largest” chunk of earwax.
Neel Raithatha from The Hear Clinic & Clearwax says it’s particularly impressive considering the average ear canal only measures 3cm.
To tackle the monster blockage, on February 22, he used an endoscopic cup suction.
Taking hold of the wax he was able to remove it in one whole piece.The Wax Whisperer
Neel, who is known as the “Wax Whisperer”, said: “Both the client and I were in complete shock.
“My reaction upon removal was ‘Wow’ and the client’s reaction when he saw the piece of ear wax himself was ‘Oh my goodness’.
“Fortunately, the eardrum was intact and healthy.”
Neel is know for filming his grim procedures and sharing them online.
Never clean your ears with cotton buds, experts sayExperts have long warned that cleaning the ear with cotton buds are “potentially harmful and should not be used”.
But despite that, recent figures have shown that nearly two-thirds of us use them regularly, and we get through nearly two billion every year.
Dr Roger Henderson, a GP from Dumfries, told the Daily Mail: “A lot of people seem to think earwax is dirty, but it is natural and important.
“I’ve seen patients put pencils and even hair clips down their ear canal to clean it. It just damages the lining, and can be dangerous.”
Instead, doctors suggest ear irrigation should be used to help those who are experiencing hearing problems due to wax build-up.
This involves an electronic machine safely pumping water into the ear to remove wax under the guidance of a GP.
Earwax, also called cerumen, is a naturally occurring substance that protects the skin of the ear canal, helps keep it clean and protects against bacteria.
It can build-up over time but usually excess earwax falls out on its own but if it doesn’t, you should visit your GP or pharmacist.
Using drops of almond oil or olive oil twice a day can also help remove the wax, according to the NHS.
There is no evidence that ear candles or ear vacuums get rid of wax.

Last year, he posted a clip where he removed 50 years’ worth of wax from one man’s ear.
The sticky substance had built-up over so long it was causing a “strong acidic smell”.
In another video, he pulled mountains of dead skin from a patients ear.
The patient had a condition called keratosis obturan, caused by an accumulation of large amounts of dead skin in the ear canal, and had caused a pimple to form in her ear canal.
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In May he filmed the moment he removed a giant chunk of ear wax that left a woman “deaf” in one ear.
He said the clump of wax was so large the woman was no longer able to wear her hearing aid as it “caused it to whistle and squeal”.
Previously he shared footage of him pulling a cotton bud out of a patient’s ear two years after it got stuck.
4 The wax is seen inside the ear canal with a very small camera
4 The procedure was carried out by the ‘Wax Whisperer’ – consultant audiologist Neel Raithatha from The Hear Clinic & Clearwax in Leicestershire
4 The wax was removed using endoscopic cup suction and came out in one long chunk

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