Grim video reveals face mites feast on your skin and have sex on you while you sleep

Grim video reveals face mites feast on your skin and have sex on you while you sleep

THINK spiders crawling into your mouth when you’re asleep is your worst nightmare? Think again.
A new video reveals the grim reality of what really goes on when you drift off.
Deep Look, KQED San Francisco and PBS Digital A grim new video has revealed the lives of face mites, that burrow into your pores and set up home
Deep Look, KQED San Francisco and PBS Digital They live in your pores, feasting on sebum – the natural oils your skin produces (in yellow)
It explores how teeny, tiny microscopic face mites burrow into your pores, feast on your natural skin oils and climb back out to mate while you’re in the land of nod.
But they don’t stop there.
After having their wicked way with one another, the bugs crawl back into your pores to lay their eggs – paving the way for the next generation of bugs.
As grim as it sounds, and while it might send a shiver down your spine, the good news is the mites are relatively harmless.
The eight-legged Demodex mites take up residency in the hair follicles that cover our faces.
They survive by feasting on the natural oils the skin produces, known as sebum.
They are most commonly found around the eyes, and can affect your lids and lashes, according to Healthline.

Deep Look, KQED San Francisco and PBS Digital They crawl out of your pores at night to mate, before laying their eggs in your pores
Megan Themmes, a scientist at North Carolina State University, previously told the BBC: “I would think that they’re not harming us in a way that’s detectable.
“If we’re having a strong negative response to their presence, we’d be seeing that in a greater number of people.”
But, some studies have suggested Demodex mites can make skin conditions like rosacea worse.
In most cases the human immune system keeps the bugs in check, but in some cases they can multiply.
In rare cases of infestation, patients may experience itchy or scaly skin, redness, increased skin sensitivity, burning sensations, and skin that feels like sandpaper, Healthline warns.
The bugs have eight legs and are related to ticks, even spiders.
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You’re not born with them, face mites are passed down from parents to their kids and babies.
And if you’re thinking that a good face scrub might get rid of them, there’s no chance you’ll be able to get rid of all of them.
They’re just a natural, and mostly healthy part of your skin eco-system, the video concludes.

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