Greggs launches summer menu including new wraps, pasta salads and drinks

Greggs launches summer menu including new wraps, pasta salads and drinks

SUMMER is just around the corner and Greggs has launched a new menu to celebrate – and it contains new wraps, drinks and pasta salads.
Prices start from just 80p and every lunch option is under £3 – but three items have been axed to make room for the new products.
Greggs There are new wraps, including the Mexican Bean Wrap
There are two new pasta salads: Chicken & Bacon, and a healthy Tuna Crunch, which is in Greggs’ Balanced Choice range.
There are two more which have had a recipe tweak: Spicy Mexican Chicken, and Balanced Choice Feta & Tomato.
There’s a new wrap too: Chicken Caesar And Bacon.
And two more wraps have also had a recipe change: the Mexican Bean And Sweet Potato, and the Mexican Chicken.
Greggs There’s new pasta salads too, including this chicken and bacon one
Greggs The Chicken Caesar And Bacon Wrap is new for this year
greggs There’s also a new Tuna Crunch Pasta Salad, which is part of the healthy Balanced Choice range
All the wraps and pasta salads cost £2.75.
There’s also a new sweet treat: an 80p lemon muffin covered in lemon pieces with a citrus centre.
And to quench your thirst, you can choose from two new Balanced Choice drinks: Sparkling Cherryade, and Sparkling Mango And Pinapple.
Both cost £1.15 each.

But to make room for the new items, three products have been shelved.
The Tandoori Chicken Wrap is no longer on sale.
Meanwhile, the Chicken Mayo Sub Roll has been permanently replaced with a Tandoori Chicken Sub Roll.
And the Cheese & Onion Breadpack has been replaced with a Cheese & Onion Salad Sub Roll.
These items will be on the menu permanently, unlike the summer menu products which will only be on sale until the end of summer.
Greggs There’s also a delicious looking lemon muffin which costs 80p
Greggs The healthy Balanced Choice Feta And Tomato Salad has had a recipe change
Greggs The Mexican Chicken Pasta Salad also has a new recipe for this year
Despite being the home of sausage rolls and steak bakes, Greggs is trying to provide healthier options with its summer menu.
All of its pasta salads and most of its wraps are under 500 calories.
Only one wrap is more: the Chicken Caesar And Bacon, which contains 522 calories.
An adult man should have around 2,500 calories a day while it’s 2,000 for a woman, according to NHS guidelines.
The menu has already hit stores and will be available until early September.
What’s on Greggs’ new summer menuHERE’S a list of everything new on Greggs’ summer menu, which is already in stores:
Pasta Salads

NEW – Chicken And Bacon Pasta – £2.75
NEW – Tuna Crunch Pasta (Balanced Choice) – £2.75
NEW RECIPE – Spicy Mexican Chicken Pasta – £2.75
NEW RECIPE – Feta & Tomato Pasta (Balanced Choice) – £2.75


NEW Chicken Caesar & Bacon Wrap – £2.75
NEW RECIPE – Mexican Bean & Sweet Potato Wrap – £2.75
NEW RECIPE – Mexican Chicken Wrap – £2.75


NEW Sparkling Cherryade (Balanced Choice) – £1.15
NEW Sparkling Mango & Pineapple (Balanced Choice) – £1.15

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