Greggs brings back nacho chilli cheese bake as it launches new Spring menu

Greggs brings back nacho chilli cheese bake as it launches new Spring menu

GREGGS has just launched a new Spring menu, and it’s great news for loyal fans and spicy food lovers.
The bakery chain is bringing back three items including its popular nacho chilli cheese bake, but it’s also launching a new soup.
Greggs Greggs is bringing back its popular veggie pastry
It first launched the spicy pastry, which consists of sweet potato, roasted vegetables, mixed beans, quinoa and jalapenos, in April last year.
The vegetarian puff pastry is topped with cheese and nacho crumbs – and it’ll set you back from £1.50 depending on which branch you visit.
When it first arrived in stores, it divided opinions among Greggs’ fans.
On Twitter, one pasty lover said she would “buy 10” just because it’s veggie while another customer said it was a “brilliant addition” to the menu.
But other loyal sausage rolls fans were less convinced with one saying: “Think that’s a bit too racey for my breakfast treat”.
Greggs These doughnuts come with a butterscotch filled centre
Greggs The ring dougnuts taste of salted caramel
The new Spring menu at Greggs also sees the return of two doughnuts.
One comes with a butterscotch flavoured centre, topped with vanilla flavour icing and decorated with caramel.
The other treat is the salted caramel ring doughnut, which is decorated with a white chocolate sauce.
Last but not least, the new addition to the Greggs menu is a spicy chicken and red pepper soup. The on-the-go pot is flavoured with chilli and Cajun spices.
Greggs The chicken and and red pepper soup is a brand new item on the Greggs menu
The new menu is available in Greggs shops already until May 15.
A statement by the bakery chain said: “Spring into the new season with our limited edition must have flavours.
“From a Nacho Chilli Cheese Bake set to spice up your lunch to the irresistible Salted Caramel Doughnut – whatever you’re craving, we’ve got it covered.”
For its Spring menu in 2017, Greggs unveiled a nacho chili cheese roll, but one reader said it looked “revolting”.
Greggs’ limited edition menuBELOW are the new items Greggs fans can choose from.

Nacho Chilli Cheese Bake – From £1.50 and 432 calories
Butterscotch Doughnut – From £1 and 291 calories
Salted Caramel Doughnut – From 75p and 240 calories
Spicy Chicken and Red Pepper Soup – From £1.90 and 135 calories

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