Grandad eats half a tub of paint thinking it’s yogurt

Grandad eats half a tub of paint thinking it's yogurt

A grandad has become an online sensation after slurping down half a can of paint, believing it to be a tub of yogurt.
Thankfully, 90-year-old Bobby has a stomach of iron, with his insides reportedly ‘unfazed’ by the unappetising dessert, according to granddaughter Alex Stein who shared a photo of him on Twitter with mint green lips.
She also included a photo of the half-empty paint can.

Alex Stein shared the photo of her grandfather, 90-year-old Bobby, with mint green lips (Picture: alexsteinnn)‘Sooo my grandpa ate half a quart of paint today thinking it was yogurt,’ she said in the Friday post.
Alex, from New York, told MailOnline: ‘When I say he loves yogurt, he LIVES for yogurt.
‘My mum buys at least 7 quarts of vanilla Danon yogurt a week.’
His picture was a hit online, with social media users quickly falling in love with Bobby.

The paint that Bobby mistook for yogurt (Picture: alexsteinnn)People attempted to guess the flavour of yogurt he thought he was eating, with mint chocolate chip and pistachio the most common named.
Alex added: ‘My grandpa has always loved entertaining people. He doesn’t care whether people are laughing with him or at him.’
Bobby is very aware of his newfound fame and appears to have explained his side of the events on an Instagram page set up after his picture went viral.
In a post under his name, it said: ‘Apparently I ate paint this morning…s**t honestly tastes better than yogurt sooo #no #regrets (poison control laughed at me, but they said I’ll be fine).’


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