Government needs to clear out the incompetent ministers like Chris Grayling who cost taxpayers BILLIONS

Government needs to clear out the incompetent ministers like Chris Grayling who cost taxpayers BILLIONS

WILL any politician pay the price for the catalogue of serial Government incompetence costing taxpayers billions?
It doesn’t look like it.
Getty Images – Getty Chris Grayling’s catalogue of errors is truly shameful
We have now had to hand Eurotunnel £33million in compo for excluding them when hastily dishing out No Deal Brexit ferry contracts.
One, worth £14.8million, went to a firm with no ferries.
Half a billion pounds more was blown reforming and part-privatising probation,​only to see it fail to cut re-offending.
That was all down to Chris Grayling, now Transport Secretary.
But he’s not alone in his grim record of failure.
Under then Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, a monstrous £495million contract was handed to Capita to revitalise Army recruitment.

It has missed its target every year since 2012.
Almost all our battalions are undermanned.
Meanwhile International Trade Secretary Liam Fox splurged £100,000 advertising UK exports . . . via a podcast​ only 8,398 people listened to.
Running a country of course involves risking huge sums.
But the casual way in which mind-boggling bills for abject failure are written off is scandalous.
None of those responsible is in any danger of being fired by a Prime Minister barely clinging to office.
If Brexit happens as planned, and stability returns to the Tories, they need a clearout at the highest level.
This cannot go on.
No fowl play
LET us not give in to the scaremongers who pretend we would be less safe if we imported American chicken as part of a huge new US trade deal.
Millions of Brits enjoy cheap, tasty poultry in the States every year.
Alamy A chicken trailer in Texas
The extremely dilute chlorine solution it is washed in kills the food poisoning bugs far more rife in EU-produced chicken.
We get that the Government will want to protect our poultry farmers.
But a US deal is one of the prizes of Brexit.
Baseless panics about “lowering our food standards” must not smother it at birth.
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Bomb justice
IRA murder suspect John Downey is another crucial step closer to facing the music — partly thanks to ​you.
The Hyde Park Justice Campaign, backed by £85,000 in Sun readers’ donations, kept him on prosecutors’ radar.
PA:Press Association John Downey could finally face justice
Now he is to be extradited from Ireland for trial over the murder of two soldiers in 1972.
He also faces a civil trial in October, thanks to the Sun-backed campaign, over the 1982 Hyde Park bombing.
And the fact Dublin’s High Court has rejected his letter from Tony Blair’s Government promising him immunity has huge implications for 200 more Provo suspects who thought they were free and clear.
Fingers crossed.
Justice may yet be done.


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