Google unveils £399 Pixel 3a to rival iPhone – and new Nest ‘smart screen’

Google unveils £399 Pixel 3a to rival iPhone – and new Nest 'smart screen'

GOOGLE has launched two “budget” phones to take on the iPhone – and a new smart screen powered by the Google Assistant.
The news came at this week’s special Google I/O event in California.
Google The new Google Pixel 3a looks just like its pricier siblings
The headline announcement was the Google Pixel 3a and its bigger brother, the Pixel 3a XL.
They’re basically pared-down versions of last year’s supercharged Pixel 3 smartphones.
But they come with a slightly slower processor, and a significantly reduced price tag.
Rather than paying around £600-700 for the full model, you’ll fork out just £399 for the Pixel 3a.
Google You can get the new phone in Black, White and ‘Purpleish’ colour options
It’s actually an impressive offering, as the camera you get is largely identical.
It means you retain some of the top features, including the see-in-the-dark Night Sight mode and the AI Google Lens feature that lets you identify real-world objects using your camera.
It also supports HDR+ photography, so your photos have great contrast, colours and exposure even when taken in difficult lighting conditions.
You also get unlimited photo and video storage with Google Photos, too.
Specs are decent enough: the Pixel 3a has a 5.6-inch Full HD+screen, 4Gb of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.
The larger Pixel 3a XL has a 6-inch screen and starts from £469 instead.
Google also announced that it would be bringing smart-tech brand Nest under its official brand – and launched a debut product for the new range.
Google The new Google Nest Hub Max is the first product under the ‘Google Nest’ brand
Google The Nest Hub Max is larger than the Home Hub proper
The new Google Nest Hub Max is a smart screen for your home.
It’s effectively a scaled-up version of the existing Google Home Hub, with a larger 10-inch screen.
Think of it like an Amazon Echo speaker, but with a big display.
And rather than featuring Alexa, it’s powered by the very clever Google Assistant.
The Assistant can manage your schedule, tell you about the news, and even play videos – all with voice commands.
And it’ll cost you £219 for the luxury.
It’s also the most expensive Google Home device right now, coming in above the Home Mini (£49), Home (£89), and Home Hub (£119).
The Google Pixel 3a is available to buy right now, while the Google Nest Hub Max will go on sale on July 15.
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We’ve already seen 3D concept renders of what the Google Pixel 4 might look like.
But the Google Pixel 3 is already an incredible blower – in part due to its excellent camera.
And if you’re a fan of Google gear, check out our review of the Google Pixel Slatelaptop-tablet hybrid.
What do you think of Google’s new smartphone pair? Let us know in the comments!

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