Google Maps now lets you create public events that anyone can see – but ‘could be used for abuse and harassment’

Google Maps now lets you create public events that anyone can see – but 'could be used for abuse and harassment'

GOOGLE Maps now allows users to create public events which anyone can see and attend.
This is the first time Google has trusted users to make their own events in Maps.
Getty – Contributor The feature has already been criticised
However, some critics have already said that the feature will ‘offer the potential for abuse and targeted harassment’.
Google has added a new guide onto the Maps website which describes how users can add their own event.
All users have to do is click on the ‘Contribue’ tab, then ‘Events’ and then ‘Add a public event’.
Events can also easily be deleted.
Getty – Contributor Anyone can see the events you create
The feature is live now but is not available in all regions.
Despite being publicly announced by Google, the events feature still seems to be having some teething problems.
Tech website Android Police did attempt to create its own event but, reportedly, couldn’t add pictures and the event took around an hour to show up on the map.
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