Google I/O news and dates revealed – new smartphone and Home gadgets coming

Google I/O news and dates revealed – new smartphone and Home gadgets coming

GOOGLE is about to drop major gadget news at a special event in California.
The annual Google I/O conference typically sees the tech giant unveil new products, new smartphone features and wacky AI tech – and this year should be no different.
Getty – Contributor Google gadgets are seemingly about to land in droves
Google I/O – what is it?
Google I/O is an annual developer conference, where app makers come together to find out about Google news.
Some of Google’s biggest announcements are generally reserved for this event.
Most of the news will relate to Google’s hugely popular Android operating system.
But we’ve also seen new products and apps launched at the event in past years.
Getty – Contributor We’re expecting a cheap new version of the popular Google Pixel 3
Google I/O dates 2019 – when is it?
This year, Google I/O will be held from May 7 to May 9.
But most of the news will be announced at the headline keynote – likely to be hosted by Google CEO Sundar Pichai.
This will take place at 10am California time – or 6pm UK time.
If you want to catch the action live, you’ll be able to watch it on Google’s YouTube channel.
Google I/O latest news – what to expect
As with all big tech events these days, Google I/O has been the subject of extensive leaks.
Couple that with the fact that Google is a creature of habit, and we can pretty much guess at most of the news coming up.
For a start, we can expect more information about the new Android Q update.
That’s the next big software update for Android phones, which will add a bunch of features.
Android Q has already been announced (and some features are already being beta-tested), but we’ll get a much fuller understanding of what to expect from the update.
And we’ll probably find out what the letter Q stands for.
We’re also expecting a number of product announcements, chief among them a new Pixel phone.
It’s rumoured that the Google Pixel 3a will launch as a cheaper, pared-down version of last year’s flagship Pixel 3 mobile – and it could cost just £399, according to tips.
It’s also likely we’ll see a Google Pixel 3a XL with a bigger screen, too.
Lastly, it’s tipped that we might see some new Google Home hardware.
Google Home is the Amazon Alexa rival series of gadgets, which are powered by Google Assistant.
This year, we’re expecting to see bigger version of the Home Hub smart screen.
Google upgrading iPhones with ‘robot caller’ that can phone restaurants to book a table using creepy human voice
What are harder to predict are all the other, smaller bits of news.
For instance, Google has previously shown off new augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence technology at Google I/O.
It’s likely – but not guaranteed – that we’ll see more goodies in these categories at Google I/O 2019.
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If you want some hot new Google tech, check out the Home Max smart speaker.
Torn on which smart speaker is right for you? Give our Google Home vs Amazon Echo comparison piece a read.
And take a look at the impressive Google Home Hub smart screen that can talk to you.
What do you think Google will announce at this week’s I/O conference? Let us know in the comments!

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