Google April Fool brings Snake back to your phone

Google April Fool brings Snake back to your phone

YOU can once again play Snake on your mobile phone, thanks to a Google Maps April Fools treat.
A mass transit themed version of the game has slithered its way into the mobile Google Maps app.
Google The normal menu button has been replaced by a snake (circled); click it, and you’ll get the option to launch Snake
You can choose from a number of cities across the world as well as the world map itself, with your ‘snake’ being a regionally appropriate form of transit.
For London this means you’re controlling an ever-growing bus, while Tokyo puts you in charge of a Yamanote-line subway train.
Sydney, meanwhile has a metro train.
Launching it is really easy — if you load up Google maps, you should see that your normal triple-line menu button has been replaced by a snake, as pictured above.
Click on it to open up the menu, and you’ll have the option to launch Snake inside Google Maps.
You can swipe up, down, left or right to move your vehicle, and you grow as you pick up passengers, food and little pixellated landmarks.
Then it’s just a matter of avoiding yourself, and the edges.
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You can also play on desktop by just going to Thankfully this version lets you control it using your arrow keys, and so might feel a little more familiar than using your smartphone’s touch screen.
While the smartphone app version is only a brief treat and is set to be gone by the end of the week, Google promises that the browser version is here to stay.
Google has a history of April Fools’ jokes and surprises, which is no surprise given their love of Easter Eggs.

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