GMB host Piers Morgan continues war of words with Darren Till after UFC fighter is KO’d by Jorge Masvidal

GMB host Piers Morgan continues war of words with Darren Till after UFC fighter is KO'd by Jorge Masvidal

PIERS MORGAN continued his bizarre feud with UFC star Darren Till this weekend.
The controversial Good Morning Britain host, 53, tweeted Till after his shock defeat at UFC London on Saturday night.
The Sun/Per Haljestam Darren Till was dealt a knockout blow by Jorge Masvidal before taking another hit from Piers Morgan

Till, 26, was knocked out by American veteran Jorge Masvidal in the second round at the O2 Arena.
He was expected to return to winning ways after suffering the first defeat of his career against Tyron Woodley in September.
But a brutal left hand meant it was back-to-back losses for the Liverpool fighter – and he then had Morgan to deal with.
Morgan tweeted: “Hi @darrentill2, you’ve gone a bit quiet. Everything OK?” but there was no response from Till.
Rex Features The controversial TV presenter has not let the Liverpool star’s comments slide past and called the UFC star out
It is the latest swipe in an ongoing battle between the pair, neither of whom are afraid to voice their opinions.
Till started it when he called Morgan out on Instagram for “talking s***” and Morgan’s post yesterday included the original spat.
Morgan’s first tweet said: “Morning ⁦@darrentill2⁩ – see how you get on against ⁦@GamebredFighter⁩ on March 16 & let’s chin-chin after that…if he doesn’t break your jaw.”
It was accompanied with a screenshot of Morgan’s Instagram page saying that he needs “an LA number plate like Vinnie Jones’s.”

Darren Till commented and wrote: “You need a smack on the chin that’s what you need,” and the journalist-turn-presenter did not let it go.
The UFC fighter has also compared Morgan to a “sloth’s a***hole” and hit out at his love life.
In an interview with ESPN MMA, he was asked about the feud.
Till explained: “I keep getting calls about that from my mum and her friends! Even my grandad was asking why?
“I just said I don’t like the guy, he talks s*** and I thought I’d talk s*** back to him.
Twitter Morgan found the comment from Till on his Instagram post but the fighter came back
Darren Till charges UFC rival Ben Askren before security drags him away
“Twitter’s where I go on the rampage and Instagram is more professional but it in an interview he said something along the lines of fighting.
“But he is a very controversial figure. I’m not going to sit here and say I hate hit, a lot of people probably would but he is a bit of a busy-bod and he talks a lot of s***.
“I just wanted to call him out on that, I didn’t expect a reply. He’s a pretty famous guy probably in America as well.
“I just thought I’d call him out, not in a professional manner. I called him a sloth’s a***hole and I said you look like a sloth’s a***hole.
Twitter Till said Morgan went quiet after this brutal tweet although Morgan had the latest swipe
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“And he replied saying sloths are very strong and my reply – this was a killer – was: “I never said you was a sloth though, I said you look like a sloth’s a***hole.
“He never replied and Twitter just went mad. I left it at that. Now and again I’ll just say something. Sometimes it’s good to put some people straight.”


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