Glossier releases a brand new cleanser that has beauty editors buzzing

Glossier releases a brand new cleanser that has beauty editors buzzing

(Picture: went nuts when Glossier released their Milky Jelly Cleanser.
It was a cleanser for all skin types, made with poloxamer to avoid irritation and tightness.
They’ve changed the game up once again, however, with their new Milky Oil, which is set to be your new micellar water replacement.
Micellar water is that amazing dirt and oil attractor that takes your makeup off with a swipe of a cotton pad, and this essentially gives it an upgrade with the addition of oils.
It’s half micellar water and half oil, which nourishes your skin and avoids your pad dragging on your skin as you wipe.
The idea is that you use this when you have extra (or more long-wearing) makeup on, to take the day off before giving your face a proper wash.
Milky Oil contains pro vitamin B5 and comfrey root to moisturise and heal, and castor oil to create the smooth glide.
Beauty editors at the likes of Vogue are saying it’s great for eye makeup, but that the bottle is a teensy bit too small and they want to see something bigger.
Like everything from Glossier, it comes in that minimalist pastel packaging for all your #shelfie needs, and is cruelty-free like the rest of the range.
This wee beauty is also completely vegan and ophthalmologist tested so it won’t sting your eyes.
Our Glossier Milky Oil review
Packaging: It’s signature Glossier, with a ‘millennial pink’ lid, and clear, minimalist plastic bottle. Very pretty, but only 100ml – ideal for holidays, but not for heavy-duty makeup users.
Scent: There isn’t much of a smell to the Milky Oil. It does have a familiar micellar-type scent that those who use other brands will recognise.
Effectiveness: The product took off waterproof mascara and eyeliner, but you will need to give it a decent rub. We also found that applying to the face rather than a pad first is best with this.
Feel: As you’d expect with an oily micellar, it does have an oily texture. It leaves a slight residue, which will be a blessing or a curse depending on your skin type. Skin doesn’t feel stretched and tight afterwards, so great for those who are naturally dry.
Price: £10.
Who’s it best for?: Glossier gals who wear light makeup will love this. It might not be best for those who wear plenty of waterproof eye makeup, simply because you’d need a lot of it.
Perfect for those on the go, too.
We’d advise doing as told and following up with the Milky Jelly cleanser afterwards to get a proper clean feeling for those who want to get rid of any residue and lift impurities from the skin properly.
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