Girl, 14, tells mum ‘I’m not ready to go mam’ before she dies of rare cancer

Girl, 14, tells mum 'I'm not ready to go mam' before she dies of rare cancer

A TEENAGE girl told her mum ‘I’m not ready to go mam” before dying of a rare cancer.
Daisy Wyatt died aged just 14 from Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of the disease that attacks the bones.
Just Giving Teenager Daisy told mum Sarah she wasn’t ready to die
Mum Sarah Griffiths was unable to do anything to save her teenage daughter and listened to her say how she wanted to go to her school prom and watch her brothers grow up.
Sarah has spoken about her ordeal in an attempt to raise funds for the charity Dreams and Wishes, in a bid to help other children with life-threatening illnesses.
The family first noticed something was wrong when Daisy started having leg spasms in June 2015.
Sarah told Wales Online: “We took her to A&E and they did a routine scan and said she needed an urgent MRI.”
Specialists noticed a mass on her pelvic bone and she was later diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma which doctors said was curable.
I said to Daisy we’ll ride this emotional rollercoaster and we’re not getting off until the endMum Sarah Griffiths
Sarah added: “I said to Daisy we’ll ride this emotional rollercoaster and we’re not getting off until the end.”
“Daisy was more upset she was going to be losing her hair.”
After a round of chemotherapy the family travelled to Jacksonville in the US in January 2016 for a course of proton beam therapy that lasted eight weeks, which was not available on the NHS.
Following that Daisy had surgery in Birmingham and the family was told that 95 percent of the tumour was dead.
She had her final chemotherapy at the University Hospital of Wales and the family were “chuffed to bits”.
But just as Daisy thought she was on the road to recovery she was given some devastating news.
Just three weeks later after a routine CT scan she was told she had nodules on her lungs.
Daisy said: ‘Mam, I’m not ready to go. I want to go to prom and see my brothers grow upSarah Griffiths speaking about the last days her daughter was alive
Initially it was thought it was just a fungal infection but doctors discovered the cancer had spread to her lungs.
Sarah said: “I said to Daisy, you fought the battle, and now it’s time to fight the war.”
But despite the valiant fight she was told in January that it was incurable.
Daisy’s health rapidly declined as the cancer took hold but her friends rallied round and organised a ‘Daisy Dance’.
When the song Stand By Me came on mum and daughter had “one last dance”.
Daisy’s health worsened and she was taken to hospital in Carmarthen.
Sarah explained: “Daisy said to a nurse: ‘Is this my time?’ and she said yes.
“Daisy said: ‘Mam, I’m not ready to go. I want to go to prom and see my brothers grow up.’”
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She died on May 1, 2017.
Sarah has so far raised £30,000 for the charity, organising a number of events such as roller skating, raffles and shopping days.
She now intends to run 100 miles a month as a way to raise even more funds.
Click here to donate to Sarah’s page.

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