Giraffe kills itself after catching its head in barn rafter and panicking

Giraffe kills itself after catching its head in barn rafter and panicking

A giraffe was killed in a ‘tragic accident’ at a zoo after it’s head got stuck in a barn rafter and snapped its neck.
The nine-year-old male giraffe, named Hamisi, died on Wednesday at the Kansas City, Missouri Zoo after it severed its spinal cord in the barn.
Zoo officials said the giraffe caught its head in a section of the barn that allows workers to access the animal, which caused the giraffe to panic and fatally injure itself.

Hamisi, a nine-year-old male giraffe, died at the Kansas City Zoo on Wednesday after getting its head stuck in a barn rafter (Picture: Kansas City Zoo)Kirk Suedmeyer, a zoo veterinarian who performed an autopsy on the animal, said the Hamisi likely died instantly, according to the Kansas City Star.
‘It’s hard to believe that something like this could happen after 24 years of having animals in that building,’ said Sean Putney, the Kansas City Zoo’s Senior Director.
Serena Williams cartoon showing her having a tantrum cleared of racism‘We’ve never had an animal suffer an accident like this…(Hamisi) managed to get his head over the top of the wall and get it caught.’
The barn where the fatal accident occurred was built in 1995 as an expansion of the zoo and has housed giraffes up until now without an incident.
On Facebook, the zoo posted that it was ‘devastated’ by the death and they are ‘grieving the loss.’

The giraffe died at the Kansas City Zoo in Missouri, which was named one of America’s best zoos in 2008 (Picture: Google Maps)Kansas City Zoo officials said that they will make ‘immediate modifications to the area as needed, and also share any findings with other AZA-accredited facilities in hopes of preventing future incidents.’
‘Zoo staff has taken every step to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the rest of the giraffe herd.’
Mum faked doctor’s note for three daughters then took them to woodland and shot them deadAfter arriving at the Zoo in 2016, Hamisi has fathered two giraffe calves, Dixie and Maxwell, who were both born last year.
There are currently approximately 1,700 animals at the Kansas City Zoo, which was awarded the title of ‘America’s best Zoos’ in 2008.
The facility features a 202-acre nature sanctuary that houses a vast array of exotic animals, including zebras, penguins, and orangutans.


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