Get Brexit, in any form, now — or the country faces having Jeremy Corbyn in No10

Get Brexit, in any form, now — or the country faces having Jeremy Corbyn in No10

THERESA May’s time is almost up — and as it stands her party looks doomed too.
The chances of her Brexit deal passing in three weeks are zero, or close to it.
AFP or licensors We need to get Brexit over the line now – if we don’t, we’ll end up with Corbyn in No10
A new Tory leader and PM is desperately needed, to inspire some hope in the country, the Government and party.
Maybe he or she can reset Brexit talks, or even steer us out with No Deal. But they will face the same problems and the same Commons mathematics.
Even now The Sun believes getting Brexit over the line, even via Mrs May’s deal, is the best option. Why? Because not doing so leads almost inevitably to a Corbyn Government.
And that is worse than anything Brexit, in any form, could throw at our country.
Beeb Huff puff
ANYONE still in doubt about left-wing bias at the supposedly impartial BBC?
Yesterday it let leftie website Huffington Post run Radio 5. Were the Beeb’s army of young left-wing hacks all off? Why did they need to call in their soulmates from this online outfit?
Getty Images – Getty The BBC handed a commercial organisation, leftie news website Huffington Post, free publicity worth a fortune
But it’s not just the bias. It’s that they handed a commercial organisation free publicity worth a fortune. How is that within the remit of a “public service” broadcaster funded by a compulsory fee?
Imagine the Left’s outcry if the Beeb handed over 5 Live to The Sun for a day.
Stark raving
CAN Brussels’ posturing clowns not hear how absurd they sound bad-mouthing us?
Euro muppet Frans Timmermans, deputy to the drunk Juncker, claims Brexit divisions have turned Britain into “Game of Thrones on steroids”.
AP:Associated Press Juncker’s deputy Frans Timmermans claims Brexit has turned Britain into ‘Game of Thrones on steroids’
Really? Pitched battles? Streets ablaze? We don’t see them here. We DO in France. The only epic fantasy we can see is Brussels’ belief that the continent is a comparative haven of calm sobriety.
Most Europeans know it too. More than half believe the EU will implode in 20 years. A third fear it could mean war.
One day, men like Timmermans will realise their religious devotion to an anti-democratic superstate destroyed it.
Defend her
OUR Armed Forces now know whose side Corbyn’s supporters are on. Not theirs.
Labour activists’ plot to sack Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith should terrify anyone who fears for our national security and our troops’ welfare.
PA:Press Association Corbynistas plot to sack Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith because she backs our nuclear deterrent
CommentKATIE GLASS Chattering classes get praise for airing problems… working classes get derision CommentROD LIDDLE Islamophobia a hate crime… whatever next? A ban on criticising Marx and fascism? CommentLEO MCKINSTRY Marr’s hatchet job on Farage proves BBC is a propaganda machine for the elite TREVOR KAVANAGH Boris Johnson is the Tories’ only hope or they’ll end up dead as a dodo CommentLEO MCKINSTRY ‘Crisis Britain’ is pure propaganda that serves left’s politics of victimhood
Ms Griffith backs our nuclear deterrent and solid defence spending — and supports our military against false claims like those that saw our Iraq ­veterans wrongly accused.
So Corbynistas want her out. And these idiots hold sway over a party that the Tories’ implosion could put in power.
Britain will not be safe under Corbyn’s feeble pacifism.
​Leader of the Party of European Socialists​,​​ ​Frans Timmermans says the ​Brexit division has left UK ‘looking like Game of Thrones on steroids’


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