Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry shows off tiny waist in very tight grey tracksuit

Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry shows off tiny waist in very tight grey tracksuit

GEORDIE Shore star Chloe Ferry showed off her tiny waist as she posed in a grey tracksuit.
The telly favourite posed inside a Five Guys restaurant as she clutched a fizzy drink and waited for her burger.
Instagram Chloe posted a picture of herself looking sexy in Five Guys
Chloe’s fans also heaped praise on the star after some followers left a string of negative comments about her appearance.
One wrote: “Why should @chloegshore1 feel like she can’t upload a picture with out getting hate or disgusting comments.
“If Chloe wants to change the way she looks why not it’s got nothing to do with anyone but herself, if it’s going to make her feel better about herself why not.
“Is it because she’s in the public eye it gives you a reason to bully her, would you do it if she was a family member or a friend no you wouldn’t what makes you think it’s ok to do it to her!”
Instagram Chloe’s fans came to her defence on Instagram
Another said: “Your hair and make up look so pretty!”
A third wrote: “You’re beautiful inside and out.”
Chloe was recently forced to speak out against vile trolls who had targeted her “plastic” bikini body and extremely tanned appearance following a photo she had posted of herself promoting a diet brand in a cobalt blue two-piece.
Getting the situation off her chest, she raged: “I feel like I have to get this off my chest because I feel like it’s the right thing to do.
Instagram Chloe was forced to defend herself after she was targeted by trolls for posting this photo earlier this month
“I put a photo on today and I’ve had over a 1,000 comments of people being literally so nasty and so rude, it’s disgusting honestly. How are these people allowed on social media?
Adding: “Like i’m not being funny but how could someone go onto someone’s photo and comment a nasty thing? How is this allowed? It shouldn’t be allowed. This is internet bullying, why is Instagram not doing anything?
“I’m so baffled how these people are allowed on social media. I’m more baffled that someone took time out of their day and wrote awful things on my photo if you don’t like what you see then unfollow us.”
She continued: “Why would you want to be nasty? Like I honestly believe that something needs to be done, these people shouldn’t be allowed on social media if they’re being awful to people.”
Instagram Chloe said: ‘I put up with a lot of f***ing shit, and people say, ‘you signed up for this’. No I didn’t.’
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Hinting at Mike Thalassitis’ shock death last month, Chloe said people should be nicer and insisted that she didn’t sign up for the flood of abuse she’s receiving.
“It’s a good job I’m a strong person because so of the s**t I get that I have to put up with on a daily basis is f***ing disgusting,” she shared.
“Telling me I should go kill myself, that I’m f***ing ugly after what’s gone on over the last couple of months you think people would start being a little bit nice.
“I put up with a lot of f***ing shit, and people say, ‘you signed up for this’. No I didn’t.”
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