Genius WhatsApp trick lets you read texts on iPhone WITHOUT sender knowing

Genius WhatsApp trick lets you read texts on iPhone WITHOUT sender knowing

WHATSAPP is full of hidden tricks, including one great hack that lets you covertly read texts without alerting the sender.
Normally when you read a text, blue ticks appear for the sender – but iPhone users can read messages freely without triggering the ticks.
Alamy This WhatsApp trick lets you read unread messages – without flagging them as read to the sender
Most people trying to avoid “read receipts” simply use the Airplane Mode method, which shuts off data so the sender’s WhatsApp won’t know you’ve read a text.
But that method isn’t great, because as soon as you turn Airplane Mode off the blue ticks appear – meaning you have to stay offline.
You can also turn off read receipts entirely, but then you won’t get to see them from other users, which is frustrating.
However, The Sun has uncovered a method that works even better than both of these tricks – and doesn’t require any setting changes.
Use this trick will stop the blue ticks from being triggered
How to read WhatsApp texts without triggering blue ticks
Most new iPhone models come with a little-known feature called 3D Touch.
The screen has an extra layer of touch sensitivity in it, so by pressing hard on the display, you can bring up new options.
If you tap once on a WhatsApp chat, you’ll be taken straight into the messages.
But if you press hard and hold on the WhatsApp chat, you’ll get a full-screen preview of what’s inside.
This lets you read around a dozen of the latest messages sent in this chat without triggering the WhatsApp blue ticks.
But be careful – if you press too hard, you’ll be taken straight into the full chat window, and the blue ticks will appear for the sender.
Once you’re done, simply let go and you’ll be taken back to the main chat window.
Sadly this only works on specific iPhone models – the following iPhone models support 3D Touch:

iPhone 6s
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max

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