Gemma Winter faces life-changing decision about her baby after collapsing from extreme morning sickness

Gemma Winter faces life-changing decision about her baby after collapsing from extreme morning sickness

THERE is a HUGE shock coming to Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown in Coronation Street tonight after the pregnant kebab shop worker collapses.
Poor Gemma will be seen suffering from such horrific morning sickness that Ches and her close friend Rita Tanner tell her she should see a doctor.
2 Gemma is rushed to hospital after she collapsesCredit: ITV
But Gemma assures them they’re making a fuss over nothing and insists she can cope with it.
Turns out she can’t however, when she later ends up collapsing and being rushed to hospital.
Because of her pregnancy, a routine scan is carried out on her and she’s knocked for six when the sonographer tells her she’s carrying quadruplets.
So that should be knocked for four, really.
2 The pair will find out they are having quads in upcoming episodesCredit: ITV
As Gemma and Chesney let the shocking news sink in, they’re told their options about continuing with such a daunting and high-risk pregnancy.
One of the options they’re given is selective termination, which basically means aborting some of the foetuses to give the others a better chance of surviving.
But Gemma and Ches are united in the decision that they want to give all four babies a chance.
Later in the week Gemma will be saddened when Rita tells her that there’s no room in her flat for four extra bodies, no matter how tiny they are.
She also tells Gems that she’s far too old to be able to cope with four newborns. She suggests that Gemma moves back in with Chesney, but Gemma isn’t convinced it’s a good idea.
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So what will Gemma do?
Gemma’s surprise pregnancy was first revealed by The Sun Online back in January when a soap source spilled the beans.
The source said: ““The show’s new boss, Iain MacLeod, is keen to inject a bit of old-fashioned humour into Coronation Street like in the years gone by and this storyline will have viewers in stitches.
“Gemma doesn’t miss a trick and instantly thinks of ways she can make some dosh out of her and Chesney’s unexpected news.”
Gemma discovered she was pregnant shortly after she and Ches called time on their disastrous relationship. Could the babies be the thing that brings them back together?
Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown are floored as they learn they’re expecting quads


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