Gavin Williamson’s hasty sacking is yet another misstep by Theresa May

Gavin Williamson's hasty sacking is yet another misstep by Theresa May

Ready, blame, fire
EX-Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson isn’t the first to leak from a ­National ­Security Council meeting — if it’s even true that he did.
Besides, what was ­disclosed was in the public interest. That Theresa May is ready to snub our Five Eyes security allies and potentially give Chinese state spies access to our new 5G network.
EPA Gavin Williamson’s hasty sacking is yet another misstep by Theresa May
Yes, it was embarrassing for the PM. So what? Her anger is out of proportion.
We don’t recall her pals Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Greg Clark being fired for breaching Cabinet responsibility to publicly demand a Brexit delay.
And who walked the plank for leaking Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill’s “secret” warnings over No Deal? No one.
The only upside is the highly capable Penny Mordaunt being our first female Defence Secretary.
And Rory Stewart knows a thing or two about foreign aid.
But Williamson’s hasty sacking is yet another misstep by a PM under siege.
Mrs Mayhem
IF Mrs May now surrenders to Labour’s demands over a customs union, she had better brace for the maelstrom.
This is not some minor detail too complex for a jaded public to fathom.
PRU Theresa May faces major backlash if she surrenders to Labour’s customs union demands
It determines whether our post-Brexit economy is independent, or bound ­for ever to the EU on far worse terms than before . . . with any new UK trade deals limited to what the customs union will allow. And with our International Trade department hobbled.
That is not sustainable for a country as big and Eurosceptic as Britain.
More immediately it could trigger a revolt among Tory MPs, members and voters so massive as to destroy her party, as indeed Jeremy Corbyn hopes.
If somehow enough Labour MPs did back such a deal then, yes, Mrs May would get Brexit over the line.
But only by shackling us for ever, and gifting power to Marxists. Quite the legacy.
Green hysteria
ARE you ready to scrap your car, make your home colder, halve your meat intake and stop flying on holiday? We didn’t think so.
And that is the problem with the ­“climate emergency” hysteria we are all expected to succumb to.
Splash News Politicians may be caving to eco-warriors but the public definitely won’t
Politicians may be browbeaten by swampies blocking London’s streets, or the aisles in Waitrose, or naive kids bunking off school to raise eco banners.
The public isn’t having it.
Especially when sensible measures like fracking — to switch us to cleaner gas from oil and coal — were strangled at birth by those same spineless MPs to appease the scaremongering mob.
Sure, we could abandon a century of progress, ditch flights and turn carbon-neutral. It will make no difference unless the rest of the planet does too.
And ordinary people, both here and elsewhere, aren’t up for it.


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