Game Of Thrones director reveals original idea for show’s iconic title sequence

Game Of Thrones director reveals original idea for show's iconic title sequence

Game Of Thrones director reveals original idea for show’s iconic title sequence (Picture: HBO)When you think of Game Of Thrones, the theme tune immediately starts playing in your head – and it’s one of those ear worms that doesn’t leave your mind for days.
However, despite the iconic title sequence, it appears the intro wasn’t always meant to look how it does today.
That’s right, when chatting to Empire, the creative director Angus Wall revealed the inspiration behind the fantasy saga’s opening.
He told the publication: ‘We explored that with an animated sequence following the raven.
‘In the interim, though, there was an issue that came up during the pilot, which was that nobody knew what the wider world looked like or where anyone was. So we created these little map journeys to go in-between scenes.’

The 51-year-old added: ‘The idea was that everything needed to be hand-built. The idea of a mad monk in a tower, building all this stuff and going at it with a saw and a chisel, making sure he’s building his world the way he wants.’
He then went on to speak about how the sequence changes, and even confessed that the crew would drop easter eggs into the opening for fans to guess what’s coming up.
Angus said: ‘There are a lot of easter eggs in the titles if you’re paying attention, little things that will reward you over the course of the show. And this last season won’t be any different.’
While we only have two months to wait until the finale appears on our screens, fans of the show are becoming impatient and starting their own theories as to what they think and hope will happen.
Earlier this week, one fan took to Reddit to reveal their views on how the White Walkers might meet their end.

Fans think they know how Danearys will save the day (Picture: HBO)They wrote: ‘Not going to try to come up with some grand theory, but I’ve been speed watching the series to get ready for season 8 and noticed two related things they make a point of mentioning at different moments in the show.
‘Dany twice survives actual fire. We don’t know if this applies to dragonfire, but that doesn’t really matter.
‘Jon finds out and shares that fire can kill white walkers. Again dragonfire definitely does, but Jon just threw a lantern at one to discover that weakness.’
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The user added: ‘Anyway, I haven’t seen much chatter about the combination of these two facts; that like she did in Vaes Dothrak, Dany could potentially lure a bunch of wights or White Walkers somewhere and then set it ablaze and survive.’
We can’t help but feel this is quite plausible.
Game Of Thrones season eight premieres 14 April.

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