Galaxy S10 looks so good even iPhone super-fans vow to switch to Samsung

Galaxy S10 looks so good even iPhone super-fans vow to switch to Samsung

APPLE fans are already vowing to switch away from their iPhones after last night’s Samsung smartphone launch.
The attractive new Galaxy S10 – and the wacky £1,800 Galaxy Fold – have caught the attention of tech lovers around the world, thanks to attractive designs and powerful hardware.
EPA Samsung made waves in the smartphone world last night with its successful Galaxy S10 launch event
At Samsung Unpacked on Wednesday, the Galaxy S10 was revealed – with an all-screen Infinity O design, a triple camera on the back, and even a 5G model.
Samsung also revealed the Galaxy Fold, which is a foldable smartphone that doubles up as a tablet.
And a thread about both devices on Reddit’s main Apple forum has proved extremely popular, attracting over 700 “upvotes” (likes).
“Very impressive Samsung, very impressive,” wrote the top poster, who added: “Folding phones, decent edge-to-edge screens, amazing cameras, 5G. Apple has a lot of catching up to do.”
Reuters The triple-camera Galaxy S10 is likely to be one of 2019’s most popular smartphones
EPA Fans are enamoured by the handset’s all-screen display
Apple wowed the world last September with the incredible iPhone XS, but some were put off by the price – which ranged from £999 to £1,449.
However, Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 starts at just £799, and comes with some generous upgrade offers.
“They give you $550 if you trade in your iPhone 8 or better to switch. That’s so much more money than Apple gives you to upgrade an iPhone,” one Apple fan pointed out.
“They give you free wireless earbuds too. WTF.”
Another wrote: “Seriously. If the iPhone 11 or whatever they call it is another minor upgrade, I will be getting this.”
We rated the iPhone XS as the best smartphone of 2018, but Apple – and its rivals – are all struggling to find new features to add to their handsets.
EPA Samsung also formally unveiled the Galaxy Fold, its long-awaited foldable smartphone
Getty Images – Getty The Galaxy Fold is a smartphone that doubles up as a tablet
And some Apple fans are worried that the rumoured iPhone 11 won’t offer much new.
“Had a great experience with the X and XS Max, but I gotta move on if it’s basically the same phone three times in a row,” said one Reddit user.
Another Apple fan wrote: “Good. I want there to be a real threat to kick Apple back into gear. Some price pressure from a top competitor certainly won’t hurt.
“I want to see the Apple of the iPhone 4 era, which was willing to pull out all the stops in their technology while pricing their top offerings competitively.
“I want Apple to behave more like their position is constantly threatened.”
Reddit users seemed particularly impressed with the large and attractive Galaxy S10 screen, and the retention of the headphone jack – absent on Apple handsets since the iPhone 7.
Apple fans also praised the fact that all Samsung Galaxy S10 models come with 128GB of storage as standard, compared to the 64GB offered by Apple.
“This is a flex from Samsung and makes Apple seem extremely stagnant,” argued one Apple fan who was delighted by Samsung’s offering.
First look at the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone – the latest iPhone rival
Of course Apple isn’t standing still when it comes to innovation either.
Apple’s A12 Bionic chip – which powers the iPhone XR and iPhone XS – is widely regarded as the fastest phone chip out there, and is faster than many laptop processors.
And the company’s dual-lens camera on the iPhone XS redefined what people expect from a smartphone snapper.
Apple is also working on foldable phone designs of its own, and may even launch a triple-camera iPhone later this year.
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The next big smartphone launch we’re looking forward to is the rumoured Sony Xperia XZ4.
This handset is tipped to debut at February’s MWC 2019, an annual tech show held in Barcelona.
The gadget is likely to be powered by Qualcomm’s extremely impressive Snapdragon 855 chip.
Are you tempted by the new Samsung Galaxy S10? Let us know in the comments!

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