Fresh search for mum’s body 17 years after husband murdered her

Fresh search for mum’s body 17 years after husband murdered her

Police are searching a field close to where a murdered mum of four went missing 17 years ago, following a tip-off from a member of the public.
Officers have put up a forensic cordon in the field close to where Linda Razzell, 41, used to live in the village of Highworth near Swindon today.
In 2003 her estranged husband, former investment manager Glyn Razzell, was jailed for life for her murder, after spots of her blood were found in his car boot.

Mum-of-four Linda Razzell vanished in 2002 and husband, Glyn, was convicted of her murder the following year (Picture: SWNS) The scene in Wiltshire near the house of Linda Razzell where police are searching – her body was never found after she vanished in 2002 (Picture: SWNS)

Police teams cordon off the area in Highworth to begin a forensic search. They were later joined by sniffer dogs (Picture: SWNS)But the body of Linda was never found and she was last seen driving to work in Swindon.
She parked her car in a street and walked through a side-alley on her way to Swindon College, where it is believed she was attacked by Razzell.
Detectives say they are keeping ‘an open mind’ as to whether the search is connected with her murder.
The field is less than half a mile from where Linda used to live in Pentylands Close, Highworth.

Glynn Razzell claimed his wife had framed him before fleeing for a new life out of the area (Picture: SWNS)A police spokeswoman said: ‘We are conducting some local enquiries in the Highworth area following information from a member of the public.
‘As part of these enquiries, we have cordoned off an area in a field off Pentylands Lane.
‘People in the local area are, therefore, likely to see an increased police presence in this area over the weekend.
‘Our enquiries also include the use of police dogs.
‘As these enquiries are at an early stage, it would be inappropriate to comment at further at this time.’

Linda was last seen driving to work in Swindon on 19 March 2002 (Picture: SWNS)Razzell continues to protest his innocence from prison, and he originally believed Linda had planted her blood in his car to frame him, before escaping for a new life elsewhere.
However all proof-of-life tests carried out by police, including bank activity, showed Linda was unlikely to still be alive.
Furthermore, Linda had managed to freeze her estranged husband’s bank accounts after he stopped paying child support shortly before her disappearance, giving him ample motive.
Neighbours rally round lesbians told to ‘move to more appropriate part of town’Last year, Razzell agreed to try and clear his name with the help of a BBC documentary called Murder in Suburbia.
This came after controversial Wiltshire Police detective Steve Fulcher claimed Linda could have in fact been killed by Christopher Halliwell, who was convicted of the murders of Sian O’Callaghan, 22, in 2011, and Becky Godden, 20, in 2003.

Glynn Razzell – pictured during the original 2002 investigation (Picture: SWNS)Fulcher himself had been sacked over the O’Callaghan investigation for failing to caution Halliwell and take him to a police station.
But the documentary backfired when Razzell, after initially agreeing to a lie-detector test, then pulled out of it suddenly claiming he was worried of producing a ‘false result’.
Girl with Down’s Syndrome, 8, forms beautiful friendship with Golden RetrieverExperts also said it would have been difficult to plant Linda’s blood in the way it was found in his car boot.
The family, including his four children, say they have never been in any doubt as to their father’s guilt and rejected Fulcher’s claim in 2016.


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