Fred West’s lodger heard his children scream ‘stop it daddy’ from dungeon

Fred West's lodger heard his children scream 'stop it daddy' from dungeon

The former lodger of Fred and Rose West has spoken out about her time living with the evil couple for the first time.
Jayne Hamer was 16 when she began renting a room from the pair in their home at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, which later became known as the ‘House of Horrors’.
Speaking to Trevor McDonald, she said: ‘I got to know Fred fairly well, he was a pleasant landlord, we never had any reason to have cross words.

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A damning documentary into the lives of Fred and Rose West has been aired on ITV (Picture: PA)‘Rosemary was much harder to get along with, she was very domineering. Rose definitely ruled the roost.’
The Wests eventually went on to have eight children together and would sometimes have Jayne look after them when they went out for the evening.
Boy, 7, tells friends ‘Momo’ will kill them sparking fears ‘suicide game’ has come to UKThey would prowl the streets and bus stops, looking for young women who were hitchhiking or wanted a lift.
‘It seemed fairly normal when the children were around, and I would very often look after them when they went out,’ she said.
‘When I look back now I wonder why I was babysitting, maybe they weren’t going out drinking maybe they were going out finding victims.’

Jayne Hamer was 16 when she began renting a room from the pair in their home at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester (Picture: ITV)

She said she heard one of Fred’s children screaming ‘stop it daddy, stop it daddy’ (Picture: ITV)The bodies of nine young women, including their own daughter, Heather West, were found under the patio and cellar of the property.
One of them was heavily pregnant with Fred’s child at the time of the killing and evidence suggested that many of them had been raped and tortured before their deaths.
Man blames hotel hot tub after infected pinky toe is amputatedNow, more than four decades after leaving the home, she realises just how close she came to being one of their victims.
Speaking of the time Fred showed her the underground cellar, where many of the victims were buried, she said nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
She added: ‘There was a little bed in there but I thought it was a little den for the children.

Rose West was a well-known prostitute in the area, and would advertise her services in local newspapers (Picture: ITV)

The pair even killed their own daughter (Picture: SWNS)Asked whether she had seen anything that seemed out of the ordinary she said: ‘None at all, until the last couple of weeks I was there, when I heard screaming.’
She said she could hear one of the children screaming: ‘Stop it daddy, stop it daddy’ and added: ‘That was my reason for leaving.’
Woman, 61, left with broken bones after being accused of affair with man, 24But she never told the police what she had heard, and said: ‘I was 17, I left home at 16, who was going to believe a 17-year-old?
‘I sometimes think that being shown the cellar was maybe my way forward.
‘Maybe I would’ve been next.’

Rose West was jailed for life in 1995 (Picture: SWNS)

Fred West killed himself before he was brought to justice (Picture: SWNS)Rose West was a well-known prostitute in the area, and would advertise her services in local newspapers.
Jayne said she was babysitting when she learned about the West’s unusual sex life.
She said: ‘I realised they were not a normal couple. I sat in living room and doorbell went and the red light lit up.’
She added: ‘If a husband wants wife to sleep with other men that’s their business. I didn’t like it but it was their business.’
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The ITV documentary, Fred & Rose West The Real Story with Trevor McDonald, was cancelled ‘for legal reasons’ just hours before it was due to air last week.
It shed a new light on the horrific killings, which the couple were able to get away with for decades.
For more than 20 years, the couple tortured and murdered at least 12 girls, including members of their own family.
Fred West killed himself in 1995 before the case could be brought before a jury, but Rose was jailed for life with no chance of parole later that same year.
Gloucester City Council eventually bought the house for £40,000 before bulldozing it in 1996.


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