Fred and Rose West victim’s sister reveals visiting ‘eerie’ house as murdered sibling’s body lay under stairs

Fred and Rose West victim's sister reveals visiting 'eerie' house as murdered sibling's body lay under stairs

ONE of Fred and Rose West’s victims sister this evening revealed she visited their home while still looking for her missing sibling – not knowing she lay buried under the staircase.
Juanita Mott’s sister, Belinda, told Sir Trevor McDonald about her chilling visit to 25 Cromwell Street as she desperately tried to find her.
Juanita Mott’s sisters, Belinda and Mary-Ann, spoke out about their sister’s murder
Standing over landscaped walkway that replaced the House of Horrors when it was razed in 1996, Sir Trevor McDonald paused to reflect in what would have been Fred West’s garden
Fred West killed himself in prison in 1995 while awaiting trial. His wife Rose is serving a life sentence
As part of an explosive new documentary on the serial killers, she said: “I had a friend, she rented one of the rooms upstairs, Rose West would be sat on the doorstep with the kids.
“It was just a dump, it was horrible, I didn’t like it.
“I said to my friend, ‘how can you live there?’
“Little did I knew that Juantia was under the staircase, it was just eerie.”
This evening’s documentary explores new evidence about twisted Rose West’s roles in the murders, which stunned the nation when they were revealed 25 years ago.
Juanita vanished in 1975 and was one of the sets of remains pulled from under the floorboards at 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester where the sick couple killed at least nine of the West’s victims.
The depraved pair abducted, tortured, raped and murdered young women over 20 years – and buried many of them under the floorboards of their home.
TV bosses initially planned to broadcast the documentary at 9pm on February 1, but it was replaced by a different Sir Trevor McDonald show.
Eager viewers were left fuming after it was pulled for legal reasons, and they flooded social media with complaints.
Sir Trevor visited the house with the author Howard Sounes, who broke major stories in the West case as a journalist, and wrote the bestselling book Fred and Rose.
Howard said: “This is where the house was. This would have been what Fred called his Wendy House, which was just a shed.”They’ve tried to cover up all traces of it.
“One of the grotesque aspects of this that this area was a play are for the children.
“The Wests are having a family life here while there are bodies underfoot.
A shocked Sir Trevor replied: “This is macabre in the extreme”.
The documentary featured exclusive interviews and insights into one of most chilling murder cases in British criminal history.
In a disturbing twist, the documentary even suggested Rose may have been the driving force behind the couple’s sick killing spree.
Sir Trevor said: “When they cruised around to pick up people, she was the one who probably convinced the girls to get in the car.
“If a man cruised around then the girls may think twice but her presence in the car was the incentive to these girls that maybe it’s ok.
“What viewers can expect is a great deal of information about how these extraordinarily horrible things came to pass. This is not an everyday story, you don’t encounter this very often.
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“In every way you turn to look at this case, there is something ghastly and unexpected and totally inexplicable.
Sasha Wass QC, who defended Rose at her trial in 1995, gave first ever interview about the case, while Sir Trevor examined the House of Horrors where the victims were tortured and killed.
Fred West killed himself in January 1995 while awaiting trial for 12 murders, while Rose was later convicted of ten murders, including that of her daughter, and sentenced to life.
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Sir Trevor McDonald presents the documentary, which was previously pulled for legal reasons
SWNS:South West News Service McDonald tours what’s left of the Wests’ house of horrors in Gloucester
Trevor McDonald ​investigates the heinous crimes of Fred & Rose West
New documentary, Fred and Rose West: The Real Story with Trevor McDonald, marks 25 years since the horrifying Gloucester house of horrors hit the UK

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