Fred and Rose West documentary


FRED & Rose West The Real Story with Trevor McDonald was pulled from ITV just hours before it was due to air.
Here is what we know about why the documentary was taken off the schedule. 
Veteran journalist Trevor McDonald fronts a documentary that sheds new light on this murderous couple
What time is the Fred and Rose West documentary on tonight?
The Fred and Rose West documentary is due to be aired tonight after being dramatically pulled two weeks ago.
ITV are airing Fred & Rose West: The Real Story with Trevor McDonald at 9pm after it had to be pulled for “legal reasons”.
The documentary explores new evidence about twisted Rose West’s roles in the murders, which stunned the nation when they were revealed 25 years ago.
The depraved pair abducted, tortured, raped and murdered young women over 20 years – and buried many of them under the floorboards of their home.
TV bosses initially planned to broadcast the documentary at 9pm on February 1, but it was replaced by a different Sir Trevor McDonald show.
Why was the Fred and Rose West documentary cancelled?
ITV cancelled the documentary about Fred and Rose West “for legal reasons”.
The channel said in a statement: “Broadcast has been postponed for legal reasons and the film will be scheduled for a later date.”
It is now set to be broadcast on Thursday February 21 at 9pm.
The broadcaster would not give further details about the reasons for pulling the show, which was to suggest that Rose West was as violent as her murderous husband.
It was replaced by an episode of Trevor McDonald’s Death Row.
Rex Features Fred and Rose West were inseparable
What was Fred & Rose West The Real Story with Trevor McDonald about?
The programme was set to feature Sir Trevor McDonald and would have brought a new perspective on the brutal murders which horrified the nation.
It was to suggest that Rose West was as violent as her murderous husband.
People at the heart of the shocking events in Gloucester were set to speak for the first time about the couple on Fred & Rose West The Real Story with Trevor McDonald.
Fred met Rose when she was 15 and he 27.
The pair’s Gloucester home became the site of rape, murder and child abuse in a string of crimes to which Fred West confessed in 1994.
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Are Fred and Rose West still alive?
Fred West hanged himself in jail on New Year’s Day 1995 while awaiting trial for 12 murders.
The same year Rose was tried for murder in Winchester Crown Court and jailed for life.
She is currently imprisoned at HMP Low Newton in Durham where guards are protecting her from other inmates.
In August 2018 a fellow lag claimed she had found religion and “believes God will forgive her”.
Prisoner Julie McAllister claimed in March 2017 that she pummelled West after being infuriated that she was getting fan mail behind bars.
In November 2017 it was reported that the serial killer is now in poor health.
Fred & Rose West The Real Story with Trevor McDonald will air on ITV tonight at 9pm


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