Foul-smelling intruders broke into home to take a shower

Foul-smelling intruders broke into home to take a shower

A couple was appalled when they returned home to find two people had broken into their home and were using the shower.
Kari Halen and her husband Glenn said the first thing that alerted them of the intruders was the awful smell that filled their Sacramento, California apartment.
‘The first thing that hits me is the smell. Sewer mixed with vomit mixed with BO mixed with dirty feet. Yeah, it made my eyes water,’ Halen said.

Kari Halen found Randy Malone, 51, wearing only a towel in her apartment bathroom (Picture: Sacramento Police)

The pair was previously arrested for stealing ‘bait bikes’ set up by the Sacramento police department to deter bike theft (Picture: Sacramento Police Department)She went to check on a noise that she heard coming from her shower and that is when she discovered a ‘very large, 6-foot plus man, 200 pounds, naked with my towel wrapped around him.’
Halen then realized the man was not alone – there was a naked women still in her shower.
Convicted pedophile sent to jail for staring at children playing in the snow‘I’m looking at him and I go, “What are you doing?”‘ she told CBS 13.
Upon inspecting the house, Halen realized that the intruders had turned every light on, as well as the oven and electric heater. They had also left some dog food from her fridge out to thaw.
The couple, later identified as Randy Malone, 51, and Mauricsha Williams, 31, told Halen that they had gotten the code to get into the apartment on Zillow.
‘What is the code?’ Halen said she asked Malone.

“‘Well that’s none of your business” he says… The man goes to me “you don’t have to call 911. Your door was open. I came in.”‘
Malone and Williams fled the house when Halen called police, but Glenn followed them outside and authorities arrested the pair a short time later.
Teen ‘car thief’s awful escape attempt saw him swim away from cops down canal’Police said they believe that the couple is likely homeless, but said that they do not usually see such bold break-ins.
‘He knew I was here. They were not surprised when I walked in the door!’ Halen said.
Glenn and his wife have already replace their back fence with a significantly taller one. Halen said she hopes jail time teaches the pair a lesson.

The couple was arrested shortly after leaving Halen’s home (Picture: Sacramento Police Department)‘I would like to see them processed to the full extent of the law,’ she said.
The pair was previously arrested for stealing ‘bait bikes’ the Sacramento Police Department set up to catch bicycle thieves.


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