Fortnite update bringing Apex Legends inspired Reboot Vans very soon

Fortnite update bringing Apex Legends inspired Reboot Vans very soon

FORTNITE is about to bring in a huge update seemingly inspired by new rival Apex Legends.
If you’re in a Fortnite match in a team with pals, they will be able to bring you back to life after you’ve been killed — but at a price.
Epic Games You’ll be able to bring dead players back to life for the first time
As soon as you start the process, the van will send a massive beam of light into the sky, and set off obnoxious sirens, making absolutely sure everyone else knows where you are and what you’re up to.
It will also let anyone around know how far through the process you are, and how many players are around the van.
To be able to use the new Reboot Vans, you’ll need the Reboot Card the player you want to bring back dropped when they were killed, which can be picked up along with everything they were carrying.
You can see how it works in a Dev Update posted to YouTube.
This is pretty much exactly the same system used in Apex Legends, one of the few games to give Fortnite a run for its money in recent times.
Epic Games The vans were first spotted a few weeks ago, thanks to a bug
The vans were first found in the code in February
The system has been mooted basically since the surprise launch of Apex Legends, and the vans themselves have been in the game’s code since late February.
The ability to respawn team-mates has the potential to change the balance and tactics of the game quite significantly mere days ahead of the start of the £30m Fortnite World Cup.
Recent changes to the game encouraging more aggressive play by rewarding kills with materials for building and a boost to health for the killer were rolled back only to be reinstated after player outcry.
The Reboot Vans could provide a counter-strategy to more aggressive play as they’ll let teams come back after losing members, so it will be interesting to see how players react.
Epic Games Players far and wide will be able to see when the vans are being used
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We’re expecting the change to come in next week in patch 8.30.
As with all Fortnite changes big and small, Epic Games says it’s going to be listening to player feedback as well as monitoring how the vans affect gameplay.
This feedback and data could see the vans functionality changed or removed entirely.
Back in December the company was forced into an embarrassing volte-farce when it pulled the Infinity Blade, another game-changing item, after mass complaints when it was introduced during the Winter Skirmish tournament.

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