Fortnite season 8 challenge – Pirate Camp locations and how to visit them all fast

Fortnite season 8 challenge - Pirate Camp locations and how to visit them all fast

FORTNITE season 8 was released slightly later than expected, but now that the update is officially out in the wild, we have a whole new series of challenges and features to enjoy – including the arrival of Pirate Camps in Fortnite.
The Fortnite season 8 patch will look familiar to fans of the game. By completing challenges, you can unlock Battle Stars. Collect enough of these and you can level up to the Battle Pass, which gives you access to new rewards.
The Volcano is one of many exciting new locations in Fortnite season 8
One of the first Fortnite season 8 challenges is asking players to visit all of the Pirate Camps in the game.
There are seven Pirate Camps in total to find on the island, and Fortnite developer Epic Games estimates it will take gamers around 75-100 hours to unlock all of the new Battle Pass booty.
However, ticking visiting Pirate Camps off your Fortnite to-do list doesn’t have to be so taxing, as we’re going to tell you where to find all the pirate camps in Fortnite season 8.Fortnite Pirate Camps Guide: Where to find all the Pirate Camps in Fortnite season 8
The seven Pirate Camps in Fortnite season 8 are scattered across the island in the following locations.

North-west of Lazy Lagoon
South of the new volcano
North-west of Paradise Palms
South of Salty Springs
West of Dusty Divot
South-west of Tilted Towers
West of Pleasant Park

Start at the one near Lazy Lagoon, then progress around the island in clockwise order and you’ll have visited all of the Pirate Camps and completed the challenge in no time.
Epic Games The new season 8 island map shows you where to find all seven Fortnite Pirate Camps
Struggling to get around the island and complete the new challenges quickly?
The new Pirate Cannon can launch Fortnite players long distances, while using the Battle Bus to take you to each Pirate Camp location, then deliberately dying, is one hack people are using to complete the season 8 challenge in a hurry.
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