Forgotten ‘invisible’ PINK fighters behind London Spitfire’s new third kit revealed

Forgotten 'invisible' PINK fighters behind London Spitfire's new third kit revealed

PINK might seem like a weird colour for London Spitfire to have chosen for their third official Overwatch League kit, but it’s actually a nod to some of the bravest fighter pilots the country ever saw.
During World War 2 a number of Spitfires were painted bright pink, letting them fly missions that would otherwise have been suicide runs.
3 It isn’t known how many of the fighters were given the striking paintjob, but they were exceptionally usefulCredit: PA:Press Association
Flying over enemy territory during the day and at low altitudes is dangerous at the best of times – and it was decided that painting some of the iconic fighters pink might just help pilots flying these dangerous missions survive.
The idea is that the pink hue makes the planes much harder to spot against clouds light up the low sun at dawn and dusk, and even makes them harder to spot when flying higher against light-blue or cloudy skies the rest of the time.
The colour was officially known as camoutint – but better known by many at the time as ‘invisible pink’.
The fighters, mostly from 15 squadron, were key to some daring missions that involved flying low over Nazi defenses before D-Day to get good pictures of them.

They’re also much less reflective than other Spitfires, so they’re harder to spot from above by other planes, even if they don’t blend in as well as their more famous green brethren.
It’s in honour of these daring pilots that London Spitfire have released that new third strip for the 2018 season, which they donned for the first time yesterday.
The stealthy new look clearly worked, as they crushed Boston Uprising 4-0 to kick off Stage 3 the same way they started Stage 2.
You can get the snazzy new kits over on the Overwatch League store, and are available in both the US and international stores.
3 The Invisible Pink shirts are available for sale now, but for a limited timeCredit: Blizzard Entertainment
3 Spitfire wore the uniforms for the first time against Boston Uprising to kick off Stage 3Credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
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Meanwhile, the E3 festivities are kicking off in Los Angeles, with Microsoft’s briefing on Sunday expected to bring news of the Xbox 2 and their latest in cloud gaming technology.
Sony aren’t attending this year, however, so don’t hold your breath for PS5 updates.
Sun Gaming will be at the show, to stay tuned for more news as it breaks.

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