Forget unicorns, Smarties now does LLAMA themed sweets

Forget unicorns, Smarties now does LLAMA themed sweets

MOVE over unicorns, there’s a new super furry animal coming to Smarties sweet packets in the form of a llama.
The special edition sharing bags will come in yellow “Spectacullama”, pink “Fabullama”, red “Llama Queen”, and purple “No Probllama” varieties and all feature a cute looking llama on the front.
Nestle Smarties is launching limited edition packets with llamas on
Inside the 105g packs are a unique mix of chocolate Smarties in yellow, pink, red and purple hues.
In a regular pack of Smarties there are eight colours to choose from meaning the new packs will be missing the orange, blue, green and brown coloured treats.
If you want to delve your hands into one of the packets you need to go quickly as they’re limited edition and only available at Asda from this week.
The recommended retail price set by Smarties manufacturer Nestle for the 105g bag is £1 but shops can set their own prices.
For comparison, a 118g sharing bag of regular Smarties currently costs £1.
We’ve asked Asda to confirm the price and to tell us if the sweets will be available both in store and online and we’ll update this story when we hear back. Use Asda’s store locator tool to find your nearest.
The bite size treats will also be available in the classic Smarties hexagonal tube later this year.
These will have a recommended retail price of 55p and will be available from small independent retailers.
Nestle The treats will be exclusive to Asda and they have a recommended retail price of £1
Last year, Smarties’ limited edition unicorn packs containing pale pink and blue Smarties quickly sold out.
Before you scoff the bag though, bear in mind that the whole packet contains 597 calories, while the recommended 16g portion contains 91 calories.
An adult man should eat around 2,500 calories a day while it’s 2,000 for a women, according to NHS guidelines.
Nestle says Smarties have contained no artificial colours or flavours since 2006.
Alberto Pisanello, assistant brand manager for Smarties said: “We were quite taken aback by the love for our Unicorn Edition Smarties last year and we want to replicate that success with new Smarties, Llama Edition.”
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