Forget Rate My Plate – now everyone is asking the internet to rate their takeaway

Forget Rate My Plate – now everyone is asking the internet to rate their takeaway

(Pictures: Rate My Takeaway)You might have heard about Rate My Plate – a Facebook group where social media judges home-cooked food in a pretty brutal way.
It was made famous by Carol C and her sloppy fry up.
But for those of us who are a bit culinary challenged or if you’re just having a night off cooking, there’s a new group for takeaways.
Like the original group, which has over 1.9 million followers, proud eaters are facing a fierce backlash and comical comebacks over their culinary choices.
One – called Leanne L – posted a snap of her super spicy kebab which had 11 giant Jalapeno peppers on top.
Colin Barnes responded: ‘Santiago called, it wants it’s country back.’
Steve Brown commented: ‘Johnny Cash called to say that is a ring of fire.’
Ryan Palmer joked: ‘Nice! That’s a decent ratio of kebab to peppers.”
Jason Porter quipped: ‘Sneaky feeling you might s**t the bed.’
Proud Mike M uploaded a photo of his unappetizing takeaway Full English in a carton.
Dave Bache posted a comment on the group which has quickly amassed 97,000 followers.
He said: ‘Breakfast to go*.in the f*****g bin.’
Another John Kerr joked: ‘Cut out the middleman, just flush it down the toilet.’

(Picture: RateMyTakeaway/Facebook)Camila R bragged about her odd pizza topping choice of banana.
But Paul Butler said: ‘Who the f**k puts ham on a banana pizza?’
Adam L showed of his curry which looked more like dog food.
Charlotte Kelly was quick to point it out saying: ‘Mmmm Winalot and rice with a naan.’
Let’s take a look at some of the best:
Munch Box for Lunch by David W

(Picture: RateMyTakeaway/Facebook)Mexican Donner Kebab by Kim G

(Picture: RateMyTakeaway/Facebook)Kebab with Chilli Sauce by Nicky L

(Picture: RateMyTakeaway/Facebook)Last nights takeaway by Robert H

(Picture: RateMyTakeaway/Facebook)Deep fried Burger by Anthony R

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