Forget foldable phones – LG invents ‘STRETCH’ phone that expands in all directions

Forget foldable phones – LG invents 'STRETCH' phone that expands in all directions

STRETCHABLE smartphones could one day be in our pockets – all thanks to LG.
The South Korean tech giant already has a foldable phone in the works, but has now invented an even more original idea.
Here’s our exclusive mock-up of what the stretchable LG phone could look like based on patent designs
Face on, artist-illustrated designs for the patented device make it look like any other smartphone, but the noticeable difference comes when the phone is flipped over.
The back of the proposed device is separated into several parts, unlike most current smartphones which have a single slate of glass or aluminium as a backing.
This sectioned backing combines with a stretchable screen which would enable the user to pull on the casing and extend the screen size of their smartphone.
The proposed device will be able to be stretched from all angles, above and below the screen and on either side.
The new patent contains illustrated images of the stretchable smartphone design
When the user is finished with the larger screen, they can simply slide it back to its original size.
A few new software features would be needed to aid the success of this design, such as a user interface that is able to automatically adjust to the size of the screen.
We don’t yet know when the stretchable smartphone will be available (if ever), but it could be marketed as part of the LG V series – which will eventually include a foldable smartphone.
Foldable smartphones are already entering the market with the Samsung Galaxy Fold set to go on sale in April and the Huawei Mate X a few months later.
Samsung The Samsung Galaxy Fold is set to be released in April
Both of the upcoming devices can fold into a tablet and have a 5G option.
Samsung’s foldable offering has six cameras and the Mate X has a screen which can be used in three different ways.
Huawei has already boasted about how sophisticated its patented phone hinge is.
Neither phone comes cheap though as the Galaxy Fold retails at $1,980 (£1,508) and the Mate X will cost around $2,600 (£1,982).
The Huawei Mate X will cost around £2,000
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Would you rather have a stretchable smartphone or a foldable one? Let us know in the comments…

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