Flybe cancels dozens of flights

Flybe cancels dozens of flights

FLYBE has cancelled a raft of flights this morning leaving passengers stranded and frustrated.
The budget carrier refused to tell The Sun how many flights are cancelled or which routes are affected but the BBC reports that “dozens” of flights are affected.
PA:Press Association Flybe has cancelled “dozens” of flights this morning
Flybe is tweeting in response to passengers to say that flights have been cancelled due to “operational reasons”.
We’ve seen reports of flights being cancelled from Dusseldorf to Southampton and from Newcastle to Southampton, and passengers aren’t happy.
One user tweeted this morning: “Not a [nice] message to wake up to! @flybe what a s**t show. The last time I will use you.”
Another wrote: “@flybe all these flights cancelled due to ‘operational reasons’. Somebody has made a massive cock-up haven’t they?
“Who from senior management will take responsibility? Probably no-one. Yet massive disruption to customers and massive compensation payouts.”
Hi Mark, thanks for getting in touch and apologies for my delayed response as we have received a high volume of messages due to recent disruption. I have checked the BE1898 DUS-SOU flight today, and I can see the flight is now cancelled due to operatio…— Flybe ✈ (@flybe) April 3, 2019

@flybe all these flights cancelled due to ‘operational reasons’. ??!! Somebody has made a massive cockup haven’t they? Who from senior management will take responsibility? Probably no-one. Yet massive disruption to customers and massive compensation payouts.— kanu (@kanu_356) April 3, 2019

Here are your rights if your flight has been cancelled or delayed.You should be entitled to a refund or alternative flight
When a flight is due to depart from an EU airport, regardless of the airline, or where an EU airline is due to land at an EU airport you are covered by EU flight delay and cancellation rules.
So when your flight is cancelled, you’re entitled to a full refund or an alternative in flight.
You may be due compensation on top
If the cancellation is the airline’s fault, you’re also entitled to compensation based on the arrival time of the rescheduled flight you’re put on.
It’s unclear yet why Flybe has cancelled flights, but the BBC reports that it’s due to “operational” reasons.
This sounds like it’s the airline’s fault rather than something caused by a third party, such as weather or strike action, meaning compensation may be due.
Get a refund from your debit or credit card provider
If Flybe is refusing to pay out refunds you could get your money back from your card provider if you paid for your tickets using a credit card or debit card.
If you paid more than £100 on credit card, you should be covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, which means credit card providers are jointly liable when a purchase isn’t fulfilled.
If you paid with your debit card, or paid less than £100 with your credit card, then you may be able to get a refund via a scheme called Chargeback.
Like Section 75, it pays out when purchases go wrong but it’s not a legal requirement so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your cash back.
Both schemes only cover refunds and not the cost of alternative flights.
Neither will payout for any associated costs either, such as hotel bookings, because technically nothing has gone wrong with those transactions.
If you can’t travel, check with the providers to see if you can cancel or rearrange your booking for free.
You may be entitled to a refund on flights booked with PayPal.
You’ll need to open a “dispute” within 180 days of payments by going to the “Resolution Centre” and click “Dispute a Transaction”.
Check your travel insurance cover – it may pay out
Your flight may be covered by your travel insurance – and associated costs such as transport and accommodation may also be protected.
But before submitting a claim, double check the excess fee because it will eat into any refund you get.
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It’s been a difficult time of late for airlines with Wow Air going bust just last month.
While in February, airline FlyBMI went into administration, leaving thousands stranded after all flights were cancelled.
It also follows the collapse of Primera Air and Cobalt Air in October 2018 and of Monarch Airlines in October 2017.

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