Female taxi driver reveals shocking sexual harassment by men

Female taxi driver reveals shocking sexual harassment by men

A taxi driver has revealed she faced such a shocking level of sexual harassment from male customers during her work that she felt forced to quit.
Zoe Temple, 28, was a cabbie for two years but finally left her job after a man managed to kiss her despite her pushing him away.
She has spoken out about the abuse she received to highlight how harassment against female drivers is accepted as ‘part of the job’.

Zoe Temple has bravely spoken out about the abuse she had to endure from a minority of men in her two years working as a taxi driver in Llandudno, Wales (Picture: Daily Post Wales)Zoe, who is studying for a master’s degree in speech and language therapy, described how she picked up a drunk man on Boxing Day who told her he was going to have sex with her.
The student, of Llandudno, North Wales, said: ‘He sat in the passenger seat in the front of the car and while I was driving he started stroking my thighs and my arm, kissing my arm and stroking my back.
‘He told me how we were going home to have sex with each other.
Where is Saddleworth Moor and how did the fire there start?‘He said “I can’t believe I’ve pulled you”, to which I responded that I was his taxi driver.
‘At one stage he even grabbed the steering wheel of the car and called me a bitch when I tried to push him away.
‘I couldn’t stop the car, as it was dangerous and I was worried what would happen to him if I threw him out on the hard shoulder as he was so drunk.’
She eventually dropped him off at his destination then phoned police to report the incident.
But officers never tracked the man down and Zoe said she feels the police didn’t do enough to investigate it.

Zoe, 28, quit her job after a male customer kissed her while she was driving (Picture: Daily Post Wales)‘I received a text message from the police saying nothing more could be done to track the man down,’ Zoe said.
‘A call explaining that would have been better I think.’
Earlier this month, she was forced to push another passenger away when he attempted to kiss her without warning.
She said: ‘I had to push him off but he still managed to kiss me on the cheek.
‘I’ve just had enough and the time has come for me to quit.’
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She described her anger that instances of sexual harassment are ignored because it is ‘expected’.
‘People tell me being sexually harassed comes with a territory as a female taxi driver but why should this be the case,’ Zoe said.
Pharmacist who treated Isis fighters begs to be allowed back into Britain‘Why does it mean just because I am a woman that I should expect to be kissed and groped?
‘I’m angry that I have to quit my job as a taxi driver because as a student the hours worked well for me, it seems unfair that it is me that has to change when this is not my fault.’
A spokesperson for Conwy Council’s taxi licensing team said: ‘It would be inappropriate to comment on an individual case, however we can signpost and offer support to licence holders regardless of gender.’
North Wales Police say the Boxing Day incident was ‘thoroughly investigated.’
Sergeant Paul Anderson said: ‘I am satisfied that the incident was thoroughly investigated, but regrettably we were unable to identify the offender despite numerous lines of inquiry.’


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