Fashion Nova romper mocked for looking like ‘Lara Croft entering the Matrix’

Fashion Nova romper mocked for looking like 'Lara Croft entering the Matrix'

This jumpsuit is very Lara Croft (Picture: Fashion Nova)Fashion Nova has been mocked on Instagram after they shared a photo of a new outfit – the Buckle Up Mock Neck Romper, in black.
The romper is very revealing, with a cut-out chest, sternum and thighs, with a buckle belt around the waist.
Fashion Nova shared it to Instagram, and though it received more than 110,000 comments, there were also lots of people mocking it – with one person saying it reminded them of Lara Croft entering the matrix for a halloween party.

Another person said: ‘Don’t do this to yourself and go out in public…’
Someone else commented: ‘People actually buy this??’
And another wrote: ‘Y’all are getting carried tf away now’.
According to the retailer, it’s available in both black and neon yellow.
It features a neck zipper, a buckle waist and long sleeves and is made using 95% polyester and 5% spandex.
This isn’t the first time Fashion Nova has been mocked online. In fact, it’s happened many, many times – simply because they’re always posting very ‘out there’ outfits.
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Back in March, people were laughing at their barely-there jacket – which was part of the ‘In Disguise Lounge Set –  which is basically a pair of tracksuit bottoms and not even half a top.
People were mocking it because the jacket didn’t even cover the model’s boobs.
The outfit is available in sky blue and features a ‘bolero’ top and pants.
It has contrast piping, a front zipper, drawstring detail and an elastic waist, and costs £38.40.
Fashion Nova does have some lovely items available – but we’ve got to admit, they are getting a bit carried away now.
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