Fashion business team explains why working mums should never have to compromise on time or style

Fashion business team explains why working mums should never have to compromise on time or style

Fashion brand owner Jules McKeen has revealed how she created a brand for all mothersEntrepreneur Jules McKeen doesn’t like compromise. Whether it’s time-wasting board meetings, inefficient planning or settling for style that doesn’t serve its purpose.
That’s why, two years ago, the mum-of-two, 44, set up clothing line Sarka London for the women she says fashion forgot.
She and her two co-founders, Julie and Rachel, curated a capsule collection of postnatal clothing and accessories features tops specifically designed for breastfeeding mums, dresses cleverly cut to relieve pressure on C-section scars and trousers that adapt to the natural fluctuations in a post-natal body.
Stylish clothes that therefore never limit new mums.

Fashion doesn’t have to come with a compromise, says JulesAnd Jules practices her ‘no compromise’ ethos at Sarka from the inside out, by working flexibly around a highly-skilled team of remote workers, who she manages using collaboration tool Dropbox.
Predominantly parents, Jules’s team members work whenever – and from wherever – they can, so they never have to sacrifice quality family time.
Explaining the origins of Sarka, Jules tells ‘There are lots of compromises you have to make when you become a parent but I felt like losing your identity was one step too far.
‘When I had my first baby, I was so excited to get back into my old clothes. But then I had to make a frustrating choice between function and fashion: Do I wear something unflattering, that fits me? Or do I wear my own clothes and accept that they don’t work for my baby and I.’
Sarka was named after an Eastern European goddess who fought for the matriarchy, and now Jules is continuing the good fight for parents everywhere.

Julie and Jules (pictured) and the rest of the team are able to work flexibly and remotely‘Within our business, we are purposefully building a highly-skilled, remote team who work for us when it works for them because this is important to our ethos,’ says Jules.
‘With Dropbox, my remote team members can collaborate and easily stay connected, even when they work from home.’
Jules and her co-founders have leveraged the platform to establish a structure and make sure everyone knows what they’re doing on a day-today basis.
She says: ‘I formerly used the tool for family photos and videos for years, but now it’s an essential part of my business to keep work moving forward.
‘Documents, images and spreadsheets are easily accessible to the three co-founders and we feel confident that we are all on the same page.

Jules (right) and her two co-founders have implemented flexible ways of working to make their team work seamlessly‘Even when I’m on the road, I’ve got Dropbox on my phone, which will send my co-founders notifications about the updates before I’m even home.’
Jules has also used it to streamline work flows with her team by reducing meetings.
‘These days, we consider who really needs to be in that meeting, and who could benefit better from feedback without the opportunity cost.
‘The main thing is that we can keep the team dynamic going, even when we’re not seeing each other face-to-face enough.
‘As long as we have consistency across our shared folders then we can measure progress and know what we’re doing.’
Jules and her team are currently zoned in on getting the best for a subset of their wider audience during the launch phase of Sarka London. But the business owner has big plans to broaden the offering for new parents.
She explains: ‘For this first year, we are focused on serving the post-natal mums, who might be breast-feeding, post C-section and fluctuating in body size.
‘But in the future, we have big plans to expand into athleisure and perhaps homewares as we aim to roll out in other countries.’
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