Farmer catches horrendous ‘gardener’s disease’ that ‘ate away at his arm’

Farmer catches horrendous 'gardener's disease' that 'ate away at his arm'

A MAN ended up in hospital with a nasty infection that appeared to “eat away at his arm”.
The bug had been slowly devouring his arm for five months, before he sought medical help. A man ended up with open sores ‘eating away at his arm’ after catching a fungal infection from soil
The unnamed 65-year-old told doctors at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital in Guangzhou, China, that he had suffered a trauma to his arm months earlier.
Afterwards he began to notice a circular rash appeared on his right hand and forearm.
He tried to treat the rash with a mixture of “juices and fragments from herbs”, Dr Jinglin Qin said in a case report published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
“But there was no improvement to his condition,” Dr Jinglin said.Blisters that wouldn’t heal
When he arrived at hospital, medics assessed him.
They noted a large, red rash that had started to blister and ulcer, with patches of “crusting” skin.
They took a biopsy, to try and establish what was causing the rash.
In the lab, the sample of skin taken from the patient, began to grow a fungus called Sporotrix schenckii.
Dr Jinglin said they diagnosed the man with a case of sporotrichosis, dubbed “gardener’s disease”.
He said: “The infection usually involves the skin and subcutaneous tissue and occurs from inoculation of the fungus from plants and soil through the skin.”
And he warned people with compromised or weaker immune systems were more likely to catch the bug.
Rare but nasty infection
Sporotrichosis is rare, but can prove nasty.
The fungus lives throughout the world in soil and on plant matter like moss, rose bushes and hay.
A person becomes infected when they come into contact with fungal spores.
It typically affects the skin, when the fungus gets into the body via a cut or scrape.
Symptoms include:

small, painless bumps that develop one to 12 weeks after coming into contact with the fungus
bump can be pink, red, purple and usually appears on the finger, hand or arm
bump eventually grows larger and can look like an open sore or ulcer that’s really slow to heal
if the infection affects a person’s lungs it can cause a nasty cough, shortness of breath or fever
condition can cause infection of joints, confused with rheumatoid arthritis
infections of the central nervous system can cause headaches, problems thinking and seizures

Dr Jinglin’s team treated the patient with anti-fungal drugs and four months later the rash and crusty sores had healed.
Tapeworm eggs burrowed in man’s body
Earlier this week, another case report revealed a man who struggled to walk and suffered memory loss was found to have hundreds of tapeworm eggs burrowing through his body.
After scanning the patient, doctors in Taiwan were shocked to find tiny tapeworm eggs in almost every part of his body.
Images showed they had burrowed into his brain, spine, buttocks, neck, chest and lungs.
INFESTATION Scans show HUNDREDS of tapeworm eggs burrowing through man’s brain and body WarningEYE SORE Grim photos show giant white lump growing on man’s eyeball after cataract op WarningBREATHTAKING Man’s nose bleed is actually grim parasitic infection he caught from pond HARD TO SWALLOW Man branded a murderer until doc found TOOTHPICK punctured partner’s throat FULL UP Docs remove 1ft of OAP’s bowel after it nearly ‘exploded’ from severe constipation MEE-OWW Cat scratch left teen suicidal, wanting to kill family & believing he’s devil’s son LISTEN UP! Man develops killer BRAIN infection after using cotton buds to clean his ears MIND BLOWING Woman had a STROKE while lover gave her oral sex as orgasm caused brain bleed GULP! Woman suffers anaphylactic shock after oral sex – because lover had taken penicillin BRAIN BUSTER Amazing scans show boy’s brain repaired itself after docs remove tumour IMPO-TANNED Man left with agonising 22-hour erection from illegal tanning jab
His follows another similar case in which an unnamed teenager died after tapeworm cysts burrowed into his brain and left him unconscious.
The 18-year-old was suffering violent seizures and had been complaining of pain in his groin in the week before going to hospital.
Despite trying to treat the boy, doctors were unable to save him. Doctors took a biopsy from their patient’s arm and the fungus sporothrix schenckii started to grow – leading them to diagnose sporotrichosis

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