Far-left George Galloway launches bid to rejoin Labour with bizarre ‘Nazi’ rant dismissing anti-Semitism scandal

Far-left George Galloway launches bid to rejoin Labour with bizarre 'Nazi' rant dismissing anti-Semitism scandal

FAR-LEFT former MP George Galloway is trying to rejoin Labour under Jeremy Corbyn, he revealed today.
The veteran leftie launched his comeback bid with a bizarre Nazi-themed rant where he dismissed the anti-Semitism scandal.
George Galloway wants to rejoin the Labour party
Mr Galloway’s application to rejoin the party was revealed two days after militant ex-council boss Derek Hatton was allowed back in to Labour.
It comes despite the fact that he has repeatedly stood against Labour in elections.
Mr Galloway was expelled by Tony Blair in 2003 after praising Iraqi insurgents who fought British troops.
Today he claimed he’s put in an official application to rejoin the party, during an interview with Sky News.
But he repeatedly played down Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis – comparing the media’s coverage to Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.
Mr Galloway ranted: “This is pure Goebellian propaganda, repeat a lie often enough…”
Asked if his Nazi rant was tasteless given that Luciana Berger was forced out by anti-Semitic bullies, he replied: “I don’t believe she’s leaving because of anti-Semitism, I believe you want people to believe this.
“Anti-Semitism is less now than it was when Miliband was leader, a Jewish leader, there was more anti-Semitism.
“So it’s all a lie.”
A Labour spokesman said: “No such application has been received by the party.”
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If he does apply he’ll be barred from joining because he stood against Labour in a string of recent elections, The Sun understands.
Mr Galloway has twice been elected as an MP for the Respect party since leaving Labour.
Deputy leader Tom Watson quipped: “Well George Galloway, he’s got a nice raging hat, but I’m not sure if he’s necessarily going to help us an election.”
PA:Press Association Militant boss Derek Hatton has been readmitted to Labour

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