Famous Einstein puzzle SOLVED 80 years on after missing page handwritten by genius professor found

Famous Einstein puzzle SOLVED 80 years on after missing page handwritten by genius professor found

A PUZZLE surrounding the work of famous physicist Albert Einstein has finally been solved after a missing page was found.
The handwritten page was discovered amongst 110 documents that have been donated to Israel’s Hebrew University.
Reuters Some of Einstein’s work is currently on display at the Givat Ram Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The missing ‘puzzle piece’ has now completed the appendix to a 1930’s paper which the genius wrote about unified field theory.
Unified field theory was Einstein’s attempt at describing two or more of four natural forces that he had previously described in stand alone research – electromagnetic radiation, gravitational pull and weak and strong forces.
The Hebrew University’s scientific adviser for the Einstein archive told the AFP: “In the copies we had, one page was missing, and that was a problem. That was a puzzle.”
The University has described the newly restored research paper as one of Einstein’s multiple attempts to create one single theory for all the forces of nature.
Getty – Contributor Einstein was a Noble Prize winner
The genius devoted the last 30 years of his life to this theory.
The 110 page archive of Einstein’s work has been unveiled to celebrate what would have been his 140th birthday next week.
Einstein was one of the founders of the Hebrew University to which the manuscripts were donated.
The archive includes some letters from the German-born physicist who states his concern about the rise of the Nazi party as well as detailing some scientific and personal issues.
Some of his letters from 1933 describe how Einstein escaped from the Nazis and worked to help Jewish people do the same.
Eight interesting Einstein factsHere’s what you need to know about the famous genius…

Albert Einstein was born in Germany in 1879 to parents who were concerned because his head was large and misshapen but within a few weeks it had returned to a standard size
He did not speak until the age of four and he only spoke if he wanted to complain about something until the age of nine
Einstein had a secret daughter out of wedlock with his first wife because they were too poor to marry but what happened to this child is still unknown
The physisct won the 1921 Noble Prize for for his services to theoretical physics
He signed away all his Noble Prize money in a divorce settlement
Einstein was asked to be the President of Israel but, at the age of 73, declined because he thought he was too old
Einstein died in 1955 at the age of 76
After his death, pathologist Thomas Harvey went against Einstein’s wishes for a full cremation and kept his brain which he then chopped into pieces for research purposes

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