Family shares haunting video of girl, 12, minutes before gas explosion tore through house and killed her

Family shares haunting video of girl, 12, minutes before gas explosion tore through house and killed her

A FAMILY in the US has shared a heart-breaking video of a girl who filmed herself just minutes before she was killed by a gas explosion.
Linda “Michellita” Rogers, 12, filmed herself getting ready for a cheerleading competition when a huge explosion ripped through her home in Dallas on the morning of February 23, 2018.
Linda filmed herself getting ready for the cheerleading competition
The footage, filmed on three mobiles, shows the girl happy and smiling just moments before she was killed.
Everyone else in the house managed to survive.
The family has now released the footage of the first anniversary of her death.
In the first video Michellita is heard to whisper: “Good morning, guys. It is 6.02am. I’m going to get ready for the National Cheerleaders Association today.”
She then added: “I’m going to start with hair, turn on my lamp because I don’t want to turn on all of the lights.”
Then she appears in the second video wearing her cheerleading outfit, saying: “I’m sorry if you guys can’t hear me still. But oh, well. They’re all sleeping.
“All that’s left to do is the ponytail. Straighten it, curl it, poof it, whatever.”
The third video has Michellita standing in front of a mirror, fixing her hair.
But just after she has sprayed her hair and was tightening her ponytail sparks start to fill the screen before it goes black.’FIGHT LIKE A WARRIOR’
Her home was then engulfed in a massive gas explosion.
Michellita’s mum Maria was asleep at the time and woke to find herself doubled over in her bedroom.
Maria’s husband, Jose Fiscal suffered a gaping wound to his face in the blast but despite his injuries he managed to run through the house to find Michellita and carry her out to the first responder who had arrived on the scene.
Maria told the Dallas News she kissed her daughter and told her to “fight like a warrior”.
Michellita was taken to the Children’s Medical Centre in Dallas while the rest of the family were treated at the nearby Parkland Memorial Hospital.
But Michellita had suffered severe damage to her internal organs and died soon after she was admitted.
Michellita’s Falcons Elite Cheer team performed that night in honour of her memory.
In the same week Michellita’s house exploded, two other homes in the neighbourhood also blew up.
Gas services to 2,800 Dallas homes were cut off as Atmos Energy, the largest natural gas distributor in the US, investigated.
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Michellita’s family said they were sharing her videos and story as a way to ensure lawmakers took action and made certain a similar accident did not happen again.
Friends of the family have set up a GoFundMe page as not only did they lose their daughter but they lost all their possessions and their home was completely destroyed.
To make a donation click here.
Footage shows the 12-year-old getting her hair ready for her big day
Michellita appears to be happy and smiling as she gets ready
The footage shows sparks filling the screen before it goes black
The home where Michellita lived was destroyed in the blast

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