Facebook now lets you UNSEND embarrassing messages

Facebook now lets you UNSEND embarrassing messages

FACEBOOK Messenger now lets you unsend embarrassing messages for up to ten minutes after you’ve hit send.
It rolled out its “Remove for everyone” feature to users across the globe today to help you pull the plug on messages you later regret.
Facebook Now when you tap on a recent message you’ll be given a “remove for everyone” option
Now, for up to ten minutes after you’ve sent a message, if you tap on it you’ll be shown a “Remove for everyone” option.
Tap on it, and the message is deleted from the inboxes of everyone you sent it to.
The tool isn’t foolproof though, as recipients will still get an alert letting them know you deleted it.
And they can still report the message to Facebook if it breaks the site’s rules – the firm keeps hold of a brief record of what you sent so its moderators can check over it in the event of a report.
Facebook Simply tap on the message and hit “remove for everyone” and the message will disappear from everyone’s inboxes
Getty – Contributor You can now unsend messages on Facebook
Facebook said the new feature will be available today on the latest versions of Messenger for iOS and Android.
A prototype of the unsend feature was spotted last year by Messenger fan Jane Wong, who shared screenshots on Twitter explaining how it works.
She wrote: “Facebook Messenger is finally working on ‘Unsend Message’ in the app for everyone!”
The screenshots showed how a message is selected and how the user can select an option to either “unsend” or “delete” it.
However, users will be limited with how many times they can do this.
Jane added: “Facebook Messenger users will only be allowed to unsend their messages after a certain amount of times.”
It comes less than a year after Facebook admitted that it was purging messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg – a feature unavailable to normal users, according to a TechCrunch report.
AP:Associated Press Slippery Zuck can already delete his messages from other users’ inboxes – and you’ll be able to soon, too
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In a statement given to The Sun about the Zuck purge, a Facebook spokesperson said: “After Sony Pictures’ emails were hacked in 2014 we made a number of changes to protect our executives’ communications.
“These included limiting the retention period for Mark’s messages in Messenger.
“We did so in full compliance with our legal obligations to preserve messages.”
But the revelation sparked fury among users, who questioned why Facebook’s billionaire boss was allowed to delete messages, but normal users weren’t.

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