Facebook Messenger might be DELETED – as testing begins to put your chats back in the main app

Facebook Messenger might be DELETED – as testing begins to put your chats back in the main app

FACEBOOK Messenger might be deleted forever and put back into the main Facebook app.
Fans of the separate platform may not be happy with Facebook as it was spotted testing a merged version of the two apps.
Charlotte Edwards Facebook Messenger could be changing forever
Researcher Jane Manchun Wong reportedly discovered that the tech giant was trialling a new encompassing version of Facebook, which would fit in with the firms plans to integrate all messaging services.
Reports suggest that the Messenger icon would stay the same but it would launch Facebook when you click on it and take you directly to an area called “Chats” rather than leading you to a completely separate area for messaging.
This is very similar to how Facebook used to work before Messenger existed as a separate entity in 2011.
Messenger was removed completely from the main app in 2014.
Getty – Contributor Facebook plan to make one chatting app from Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram
Earlier this year it was revealed and later confirmed by Facebook that it wants to merge Messenger with Whatsapp and Instagram chat so that all messaging can be on one platform.
It’s expected that the “integration” between the apps will be completed by the end of this year or possibly early 2020.
The apps will still work like individual apps but will actually share the same architecture.
Testing for this super app is said to be in early days but there are reportedly thousands of developers working on the project.
The “Chats” section is allegedly only being trialled with a basic text function as users might still need to go to the Messenger app for reactions, calls, video or photos.
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