Facebook is changing your News Feed AGAIN so you see posts from even fewer people

Facebook is changing your News Feed AGAIN so you see posts from even fewer people

FACEBOOK is going to be changing up your News Feed so that you’ll mostly see posts from your close friends and links that it thinks are relevant for you.
The changes will be put in place gradually and are being made as a result of surveys that Facebook did with hundreds of thousands of users last year.
PA:Press Association The changes will happen gradually
A Facebook spokesperson wrote in a post: “As we’ve said in the past, it’s not about the amount of time someone spends on Facebook, but rather the quality of time spent.
“That means making sure people see what they want to see – whether that’s posts from family and friends or news articles and videos from Pages they follow.”
In order to find out who your best friends are, Facebook has started to ask some users who they are closest to.
Previously, the social media giant predicted who you wanted to hear from the most based on how often you interact and your mutual friends but now tagged photos, post comments and “checked-in” locations will be taken into account to create a new algorithm.
Getty – Contributor Facebook is working to improve its algorithms
Facebook has also stressed that these changes do not mean that News Feeds will be limited to posts that are just from certain people but posts from your closest friends will appear much higher up.
Another algorithm to pinpoint what kind of links, such as news articles, a user will want to see is also being developed so Facebook can identify certain factors that signify a person’s preferences.
Facebook said: “We then combine these factors with information we have about the post, including the type of post, who it’s from and the engagement it’s received, to more accurately predict whether people are likely to find a link valuable.”
The company has already been working hard to try keep ‘fake news’ and irrelevant links off the platform.
How does Facebook’s user rating system work?Facebook told The Sun that this is how the system works…

Facebook works to fight fake news by using machine learning systems
These automated systems predict articles that its human fact-checkers should review
Facebook developed a process that protects against people “indiscriminately flagging news as fake”, attempting to game the system
One of the indicators used in this process is how people report articles as false
For instance, if someone previously gave Facebook feedback that an article was false, and then that article was confirmed false by a fact-checker, that person’s future feedback would be weighted more positively
This is reflected in an invisible score or rating, which changes depending on the quality of a person’s ratings
So if someone reports news as false regularly, and that news is rated as true, that person’s future reports will be rated lower than someone with a higher score
Facebook says this is an effective way to fight misinformation
Facebook says that people often report something as false because they disagree with a story, or are trying to target a particular publisher
Attempts to game this feedback are why Facebook can’t rely on the reporting system as a totally accurate indicator
Facebook told The Sun that the rating is specific to its fake news team, and that there’s no unified score that is like a credit rating used everywhere

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